10 Fabulous Posts To Amaze, Educate and Inspire You!

10-Posts-Amaze-Educate-Inspire-You-Pinterest-HNCK-LiWBFI’d like to take a moment today to do something I haven’t done in a LONG time. I’m going to share the links to some fascinating posts. The posts in this roundup aren’t written by folks you might immediately recognize. However, the passion and care in which they’ve been written will amaze you.


These folks were all part of the 7-Day blogging challenge hosted by Darren Rowse of Problogger that LiWBF took part in last week. And this is the next to last post in that series. You’ll find a bit of everything in this group. No kidding. So without further hesitation, please allow me to introduce these talented up and coming writers.


1. Do you need tips on how to read faster? Or maybe you’re in a reading slump and need some inspirational advice on how to make time  for more reading in your life. I know that I most certainly need these little moments for me. In this article the Gothamgal of Always Reiding gives us a few witty tips for reading fast in How to Read Fast & Ignore People.


2. Brian A. Baulch offers ways to get involved in the emerging new trend of digital tourism in this article  called Fusion Tourism. He even offers ways to monetize this mysteriously intriguing New niche of blogging. Here on LiWBF, we cater to the showcase of methods to create a great life while saving money at the same time. Even though our Traveling & Mediterranean Muse series are written by talented folks from all over the world, we’re excited to find an article that explains the concept of what we do in such a clear & precise manner.


3. The Blondie Wanderlust tackles an issue that plagues most us at some ppint or another… worry. Things move so quickly these days that it’s easier than ever to get caught up in the speed train called life. I’ve started reading more articles and books on self-help and life balance which is why we’ve created a Life Balance category here on LiWBF. What I love about this article called Why You have Nothing To Worry About from the Blondie Wanderlust is that she breaks down the sum of our fears in a familiar and simple way we can all understand and use in our lives.

4. This book review written by a new runner named Jessica of Lives Low Runs Fast gives us insight into a book called Born to Run where the author addresses the struggles he has with running instead of the successes and milestones he has achieved, common topics found in most books on running. Although I haven’t read this book, Jessica’s review makes me want to read it right away. I may no longer be considered a beginning runner but I write for folks who’ve just started and those who’ve been into the game for a while. Read Jessica’s review and then add Born to Run to your wish list.


5. Darren Mooney walks us through a tutorial that shows us how to create great meals in no time. He has pictures and truly put a great deal of effort into writing this post. Plus, he’s a guy foodie blogger which is something you don’t find quite as often as our female connoisseurs.  His article How to Create The Perfect Meal in 5 Simple Steps is totally worth taking the time to check it out.
6. I found this post called How to Create a New Recipe from the Diva Foodies to be incredibly helpful as we head into the time of baking more goodies and then posting the pictures of the results here on LiWBF. I’ve always been envious of Folks who could make their own recipes. Even though cooking and trying out new recipes is something I enjoy doing, I’ve not quite mastered the ability to create a recipe. If you’re interested in taking this skill a step further then take some time to read How to Create A New Recipe Tips From the Chefs.


7. We’ve all heard of the many fabulous ways to make money online. I’ve enjoyed the fruits of my online venture labors as well. This article from Aigbona Kingsley 10 Steps for Transitioning from Employee To Boss offers one of the most in-depth discussions I’ve ever read on making the trip to entrepreneurship.

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8. Yet another vital skill you must become comfortable with in an ever increasingly crowded World Wide Web… the art of positioning your company in the top 10% of Google’s search results. Search Engine Optimization is the all-seeing eye of the blogging world. Learning how to use this vital skill can make or break the success of your site. Take a look at this thoroughly detailed SEO article written by the wonderfully techie folks over at Aim For Big and you’ll find that making this transition is easier than you originally thought it would be.


9. Another important element of blogging I’ve struggled with is the ability to create a logical and navigable sitemap. Never fear. Hawesh is here! In this article, he offers the Best Guide to Generate a Site Map. Shout Me Loud is an Internet icon, and he’s also one of the original gangsters of the online written art. He has several websites and each one covers various aspects of blogging, writing, and website maintenance. In a time when technical skills are just as important as the ability to both write and market great content, we can rest assured that great bloggers like Shout Me Loud will be there to guide us along our virtual pathways.


10. Sometimes we need to take a break from life and make time for a long hard look at our goals. You do have those, right? That’s exactly what Cody Alley did and in his article The Time I Gave Up On My Dreams covers the gutsy choice he made to stop and start all over again. What appealed to me most about this article wasn’t only the candid way in which it was written, but also the motivations behind Cody’s final decision to quit the dream he was following at the time and assessing his pathway to happiness.
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