A Fashion Story Walk Through

Enchanted Gardens

What makes a garden so incredibly peaceful? Could it be the silence that screams louder than any words? A good yell, though. A shout that touches our souls with goodness and Beauty and the sound of nature’s creatures. Or maybe the scent of flowers hypnotize us while wrapping us in glorious smells of roses and lavender. I find myself enchanted by the butterflies drifting around the entrance and lose myself in the sight of their endless flight. Have you ever wondered when a butterfly takes time to rest? I think about that quite often.
Butterflies symbolize freedom and untouchable Beauty. Countless songs have been written about them and I can’t even begin to count the number of books that touch on the metaphoric nature of this lovely speciman. For years, I drove an SUV that had pictures of butterflies stitched on the seat cover.

No, I wasn’t having an identity or age crisis. Instead, I was heading through a transformational stage in life, a time when I needed a symbol to represent the transformation from the person I once was (a terrified single mom who didn’t know where the next meal would come from let alone the rent) to a proud and educated business woman. Next year, I’ll be heading to Italy to meet with real estate agents in Sicily. We’ll be discussing the purchase of my first vacation home! Yay! Go big or go home, right? LoL

The point of this segment of Meditation in Nature is to inspire you to believe. I’ve spent a large part of my life crippled by fear of both the uncertain and the certain. I was the caterpillar that as it emerged from within its cocoon, couldn’t decide whether it wanted to fly or stay secure in its larvae-covered home. And we all know what happens to those caterpillars, right? They waste away and perish. Throughout the last decade of my life, I have taken the creative path toward living and truly transformed my life. I chose to take my hardships, learn from the mistakes I made, and focus on those things I can control. The choice for me was simple: embrace the butterfly hiding inside and spread your wings! So I did. And have not regretted that decision.
Today I ask you to make a choice to embrace the beauty of your dreams. Discover the power in your heart and reach for the goals you set earlier this year. Here’s a recap of mine in this article 2016 Resolutions: Nah, not for Me!
If you need a bit of inspiration, then look no further than yourself. I have dabbled in and out of various faiths, religions, beliefs and thought processes throughout the years. Yet, my faith and belief that good karma generates even better karma have always brought me back to the realization that God lives all around us. Especially in a garden.
This photo session was actually taken a month or so ago. However, the pictures were so full of gorgeous detail that I didn’t want to water down the aftereffects by rushing through the editing.
In this shoot, I’m wearing a dress by Free People that I fell in love with the moment I saw it. There’s just something about this brand that mirrors the path that I’ve chosen to take. The Free Spirit motto caters to the free-spirited woman who loves art, music, and travel. I’ve most definitely created a lifestyle centered around those things and will continue to reach for the stars.

As the summer of 2016 fades away in the winds of our memories, I’m taking the time to explore all avenues of the upcoming months and reflecting on the person I became in 2016 and the ladyboss I intend to be in 2017. Take some time each day to reflect on the person you’d like to become and see what happens. Now this doesn’t have to be a fancy meditation session complete with expensive pillows and such. Simply lie in bed, close your eyes, and envision where you’d like to be in the upcoming months. The power of belief and positive thinking together is incredible. Try this for about 5-10 minutes each day and I promise great things

I hope you enjoyed this enchanting walk through Duke Gardens.
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