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In My PajamaJeans

This review was written in collaboration with the PajamaJeans company. However, as you all know by now, I’m a tough cookie to please and generally don’t step too far outside my comfort zone (aka my list of fav brands). Unless, of course, I’m knocked silly by the shock and wow factor of something new. So, keep reading cuz you’re gonna love this review.

When I first heard about the PajamaJeans, I wasn’t sure of what to expect.  I was thinking, oh here we go. Yet another legging claiming to look and feel like a pair of jeans. You know the kind I’m talking about… tight waistline, slim in all the wrong places (aka the thighs), hems that don’t fall right at the ankles, cheap fabric. Ummm yeah. Say no more, right? Let me tell you. I was totally wrong.
As soon as I removed my pair of PajamaJeans from the package, I knew that I was going to love these jeans. I mean the description said they were vintage wash skinny jeans. And you know how I feel about anything vintage these days. I’m happy to report that the description rings true to the look and style of these jeans. The unique coloring goes well with this season’s continued obsession with mustard yellow  (although the name has evolved into titles such as maple sugar, fall gold, blah blah).
The pockets pictured in the photo are real. Repeat… there ain’t no fake, total uselessness going on. You can actually put things in the pockets. My only qualm (And it’s a small one) revolves around the drawstring waistline. This took some getting used to. Later on, I discovered why the designers added this feature and soon afterward changed my view of the drawstring waist (the hot pink helped a bit too).
I’ve worn and washed and worn these jeans again over the period of one week now. I wanted to put them through the greatest test… a week in the life of a supermom, and I’m happy to say the PajamaJeans passed with a superfly rating. The main website features this list of reasons to fall in love with PajamaJeans.

5 Reasons PajamaJeans are a perfect 10

1. We fit every body. Our exclusive Dormisoft (trademarked) Denim fabric embraces your curves and ensures an unbelievable fit that flatters all shapes and sizes.
2. No Baggage. PajamaJeans offer superior stretch for all-day comfort, but they’ll never sag or bag in the knees or butt or anywhere else.
3. Washes that wash well. From Vintage Wash, Indigo, and Black to Purple, Muted Pewter, and more, we have all the washes you want and they’ll never look tired or fade.
4. Designer Looks at Attractive prices. Bootcut and Skinny, with details like antiqued rivets and five-pocket styling. We have the designer looks you want, at a fraction of the price. Styles starting at $39.99.
5. Style, Comfort, Confidence. When you look great, you feel great. And when you feel great, you look even better!

Now, I found each one of those reasons to be true. No kidding! I wore the PajamaJeans to the mall and felt like I was wearing a pair of leggings, my preferred choice of weekend wear. Seriously, I can see why the brand’s creators chose the name PajamaJeans.

I dressed my PajamaJeans up then played them down. The fit contours to your body and the Dormisoft fabric molds to your specific shape over time. When you first step into the jeans don’t worry of the material feels a bit tight. My pair was super snug and as a true size 4, this worried me a bit. However, the feeling didn’t last long. I soon discovered these weren’t a pair of standard drug store jeans at all (remember what I said in the above paragraph, right?). The fabric, a patented formula by the pajama jeans company, molds to your figure, embracing each curve without losing its appeal and without making you feel as though you’ll lose circulation in your thighs. I have an athletic frame and my thighs as is with many women tend to swell in the wrong pair of jeans. The drawstring kept me from feeling as though my side’s would burst as the day wore on and I began to swell a bit from all the walking I did that day. I simply loosened the drawstring, adjusted the waistline and kept on rolling.

Now, let’s talk about the boot factor. This year, booties rule the fashion scene. One thing that always determines whether a pair of jeans will win my heart and ultimately my hard-earned duckies is their ability to convert to boot candy during the fall and winter. Well… I’m sure you’ve already guessed that the PajamaJeans passes this test. Take a peek at the way they drape over my booties so very nicely. The length is perfect. The fabric doesn’t gather on top of the boots or stop at an unflattering spot above the ankles. Love!
I’m a skinny Jean lover. Yep! I have the ankle huggers in every color, fabric and style that you can imagine. My obsession has gone strong ever since Fergie stepped on the scene in 2006 and wowed the world in her pair of skinny jeans. I’m happy to announce that the PajamaJeans come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. There’s a fit for everyone.

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