Rocksbox It Girl Adventure Part Two

A Little Bit of Twiggy

Hello and welcome back to part two of our six-part collaboration series with Rocksbox. If you missed the summary of our first Rocksbox It Girl adventure then you can check it out here.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Rocksbox brand, you can rest assured when I say this is one subscription box that towers over the sea of many others similar services. And we all know there are hundreds of those, right?

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Let’s start with my favorite item in this set… A gorgeous necklace by Gorjana called the Twiggy Fringe. Oh my goodness. Its beautiful. The rose gold works with everything, including cool toned fabrics. And the design stands out even among the most busy designs.
Take a peek at the Twiggy Fringe as it hangs ever so beautifully on this orient-inspired dress by Forever 21. Wearing the Gorjana necklace was tons of fun, and I wore it almost everyday due to its versatility and ease of use. The fringe never tangles and the length is perfectly beautiful.

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Piece number two was a set of studs by Karen London. She called these the Creedence Studs in Labradorite, a gorgeous but unique stone characterized by the simplicity of the hues in which you find in the earrings. Simple, yet stunning. If you have multiple holes in your ears then you can also wear these studs in one of the secondary slots which creates the illusion of three studs in your ears.
At first I wondered if these earrings would stand out against my Bohemian inspired style. My worries quickly disappeared as I soon found out that not only did the Creedence studs hold their own earring power, but the color of the stone and gold trim together made a stunning piece of jewelry. I also wore the studs with my super duperly large hoops along with the third piece of jewelry I received in this set. Keep reading for details.

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I saved the best mini review for last; or at least the most versatile item in the set… The Lexi Stone Ear Jacket by Slate. In some lights the stone appeared to be a purple shade. In others, the misty grayish black stone appeared to be a darker, smoky gray. Either way, my stylist rocked this months choices yet again, and paired me up with a set of jewelry that stands out against my indie-boho style. If you’ve never heard of an ear jacket before then think back to the 90’s for recollection. Stud on the front, earring clasp attached to the main jewel on the back. The effect appears as though you’re wearing an earring jacket on your earlobes. Love it!
This first month’s adventures as a Rocksbox It Girl has been fun. I enjoy having a stylist who chooses jewelry based on my personal style. She also takes the time to read my social profiles in order to understand my personal style. The Rocksbox service works for me. I no longer worry about finding the right jewelry to wear for a photo shoot. I know that Blair and her team of incredible stylists have my back.

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