A Fashion Story Sweet Little Hints of French

I’m not sure what has happened, but I’ve fallen in love with two things this year: French style and all things burgundy (the color formerly known as Marsala). Flashback reminder…burgundy began as a trend. That would be the one that has gone strong since 2014. I think it’s safe to assume that burgundy has crossed over into staple territory. What do you think? Here on LiWBF, we’ve even planned some great collaborations centered around a few burgundy staple pieces and plan to showcase a surprise item that I believe you’ll love. Especially us busy parents. We need all the help we can get, right?

Now, on to the title of this week’s story. As you all know, I’m in the process of transitioning to a mobile lifestyle… Travel is most definitely on my bucket this year. I’ll be starting with a few domestic locations because there’s really no place like the adventure in your backyard. Except I’ll be venturing out across all the United States and focusing on some of the places I’ve had on the bucket list for a while. I’m super excited.

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Also, there’s my big Italy trip coming up after we complete the last few upgrades on our home. I cannot wait for that as traveling to Italy has been a dream of mine for years. Might as well go ahead and count getting my TEFL certificate (Teaching English As a Foreign Language) among the many other things I’ll be doing this year. Yet, something strange happened to me over the past couple of months.I’ve developed a strange obsession with the Eiffel Tower!

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What the…what, right? After all, I renovated my ranch home and turned it into an Italian villa. Why am I suddenly obsessing over all things French? I’ve pinned a gazillion Eiffel Tower pins. And then I downloaded several Eiffel Tower cell phone themes. What’s going on here?

Well, technically, there are parts of France that still sit along the Mediterranean Sea. And you know how much we love the Mediterranean region here on LiWBF.

So why not include the city of love and romance in my 2017-2018 bucket list?

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For this week’s segment of A Fashion Story, I’ve chosen to share a bit of French style in our photo shoot. Minimalistic lines. Light eye makeup. Strong lip color (No worries. I’ve included makeup details in the shopping widget). JLo isn’t the only one who can rock the strong lips/no eye makeup look. I’m wearing my fave hat and the Amore Creme Liquid Lipstick by Milani Cosmetics in Obsession. French painter wannabes around the world, unite! 😀

Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think of this week’s outfit!

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