LiWBF’s Fab Five Plan Element Two Fashion

Every Agent of Fabulosity must have room for fashion in her plan! Without fashion we are as beasts in the field. Okay, so I probably modified that parable a bit to suit our needs, but you get the point. However, there is a bit of truth to that last sentence.

Stick to one or two trendy items when deciding on your outfit of the day. We don’t want to get caught looking like a fashion victim. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not the fashion police or anything close to that. However, I do feel that it’s my job to inform you of ways to tell when things have gone astray. LoL Make the most out of picking out your outfits each day and remember to have fun. Inject your own personality into the latest trends and do not stoop to the level of becoming a copy cat. You’ll thank me for this advice someday soon. I promise.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look trendy and great. Take your favorite pair of skinny jeans and add a fun pair of leg warmers. The result? A look that makes it seem as though you have on a new pair of boots! Use a colorful scarf to add a trendy twist to a monotone outfit. Black is my happy color. Everyone around me knows this is true. Yet, I don’t want folks to think I’m depressed. What do I do? Choose a colorful accent piece to add a dash