The concept that will be driving the meat of this blogazine is something I call the Five Finger Plan. These are the five elements of my life (well, actually there are 6, but more about that one later in the month) that drive my success as a single mom who has managed to enjoy all aspects of the good life without sacrificing the well-being of my FAMILY. It means focusing on my health by working with a FITNESS plan so I can feel good while wearing the latest FASHION trend. And all my friends can tell you KayLeigh (my nickname, btw) is all about having FUN. The Five Finger Plan means eating the right FOOD and keeping my FINANCES in check so that we save money can continue to do what we do best without hurting our household.  I’m looking forward to sharing my life in pictures with you. By the time you’ve spent enough time with me, then the Five Finger Plan will also be your right hand man.