The first time I saw the word “fabulosity” I had no idea what it meant. Now everyone has heard of the words fabulous and luminosity. I mean, those two are household gems. I was surfing online when my eyes scanned across “fabulosity” for the first time. It was underneath a picture of the gorgeous and talented Kimora Lee Simmons. I was hooked. I had to know more. So I did some research and found this book:

Fabulosity: What it is and How to Get It.

I bought the book, read it in one sitting and thought “Man, I’m not sure what to do with the advice I just read.” Kimora talks about looking good, feeling great, keeping our doc appointments and a host of other things. I just wasn’t sure if I had missed some secret code behind her words or what. But I felt kind of flat after reading the book.  I’m a single mom and there are so many of these self help books geared towards single women. And then, I decided to take Kimora’s advice, to set a goal no matter how crazy it might seem at the time and work towards achieving it. So I wrote a check for a million bucks out to myself (and no, I’m nowhere close to being ready to cash it…lol) and placed it inside my bag of important documents and goodies, aka homeowner’s insurance files. That was six years ago. Since then, I’ve been on a roll. I finished my Bachelors in Business Management. I completed an MFA in Creative Writing, published several Young Adult, Fantasy and Romance novels that have sold close to 100,000 copies to date. And now, I’ve partnered with some really great folks around the world so I can bring this lifestyle blogazine to other women out there who might feel as though the world won’t allow them to dream, let alone cash a check

for a ridiculously HUGE amount of money. Well, don’t let anyone tell you what you cannot do. Instead, take some advice from my little friend to the left. An agent of fabulosity is someone who believes in the greater good. She’s positive and kind to others, even though she might not always receive the same treatment in return. That’s where her the agent of fabulosity shines best. In showing the world that she is a first class act no matter how difficult things may become. Thank you Kimora Lee for creating this fantastic new concept. Now head on out into the world today ladies and gents (this applies to you too) and put your strong face on!