App#1 – Hautelook – I consider myself an eclectic when it comes to most things: music, literature, poetry, fashion. I love both designer duds (DKNY and Skingraft come to mind right away) and Street Labels (Express, Forever 21, J-LO) The former requires a creative mix of both good planning and dreaming in order for me to pull off finding an outfit in that collection. The latter group, although more budget-friendly, has proven to be the deadlier of the two halves of me. Why is that? Well, it’s easier to snatch up a $20 steal here or even a $100 steal there. Before long, I hear my pocketbook crying out for some relief, as in, stop sucking every penny out of me before I go flat. That’s where this little snazzy app comes in. gives you the chance to catch some really great steals and some pretty insane deals on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter which of the two groups you belong to. There’s a steal for everyone in this app.

Pros: Quick and Simple Sign-Up Process. Easy to use Interface. Nice filtering system.

Cons: Kinda Pricey. Budget-Friendly deals get snatched up quickly.

App#2 – Fashion Story – This little app isn’t just a showcase of trendy clothing. Guess what else it does? You get a chance to be a living, breathing boutique owner in this game. That’s right! It’s a game. And a time consuming one if you’re not careful. I first became obsessed with Fashion Story back in 2011 when I got my first iPhone. At the time, the app was exclusive to the Apple store. I loved this one so much that I almost didn’t switch to my Galaxy Note II last year because the games hadn’t made it onto the Android platform. Yes, the game is that addictive. Try it for yourself, and you’ll see. Fashion enthusiasts and even those who are fashionably challenged will all LOVE this game.

Pros: Tons of fun. Easy learning curve. Addictive. Season Based Themes.

Cons: Must buy gems if you want to progress (I did. Sighs) Time consuming. Addictive. LOL

App#3 – The Sartorialist

This photography app based on the works of Scott Schuman (pictured above) began as an iPhone exclusive. Luckily for Android users, the designer has decided to make this fabulous photo/fashion based app available to us as of January 20th! As a fashion enthusiast, I’m excited to have photos of what folks are wearing all over the world delivered to my phone on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

You can visit Scott’s fabulous blog here:

Pros: Easy to Install (I was up and running in a matter of seconds) Eclectic photos from all over the world. Regularly updated images.

Cons: Switching orientation on your phone, or moving the app to the background while taking a phone call, unfortunately, zaps you back to photo#1 when you reopen the app. No worries! Scott’s photography proves to be well worth a second look.

There are many, many more of these apps I’ll be featuring later on, but these three gems have won a place in my heart. Feel free to share the names of your favorites in the comments below.