The Color Wheel

A Magnificent Purple Reign

The-Color-Wheel-A-Magnificent-Purple-Reign-Pinterest-LiWBFIn March of 2014, I published this article about my favorite color ever… purple. And guess what? It went viral! Yes, that’s right. The elusively mysterious dream of all bloggers, the moment when all your hard work pays off no matter how many months, years or whatever timeframe you’ve been slaving away inside finally pays off.
  Most of my blogger friends typically have a tutorial or advice post to go viral. Others have told me about their outfit posts gaining sudden traction on Pinterest. Either way, I’ve yet to hear about a post on the color purple going viral. However, things never happen the “normal” way for me. LOLfractalius-purple-lions-1920x1080-px-wallpaper-colour-picture-purple-hd-wallpaper
The color wheel has been modified. I’ve now added new lovelier images and added these notes about my love of the color purple, the shade of kings, queens and many other lovely things.





Purple leaves such an impression on its viewer that it has been the subject of many movies and novels. According to some history books, Queen Cleopatra was known for her love of purple. The artist formerly known as Prince has made a career writing songs and producing movies based on magnificent purple. Is it a coincidence that so many creative geniuses prefer to use purple as the motivation for the muses?


In conclusion, I thought it was time to update this post, to give all of us purple lovers a truly beautiful spot to come and reflect on who we are and why we love this shade so much. I hope you’ve enjoyed the new pictures and will share this article with other lovers of purple.
We do have a special kinship, a unique connection of sorts. Kind of like a membership to an elusive club that only others who enjoy purple the way we do can understand.



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