Goodbye, 2014. You were loved–well, not so much at times–and will be missed (cuz you taught me the value of patience and forgiveness more so than any other year has ever done). 2015… welcome, my friend! I’m looking forward to harnessing the energy you have stolen from your predecessor.

Seems like every year I make a list of resolutions, starting off strong the first few months of the year, but then fizzling out somewhere along the way, that curious time of year that’s close to the Ides of March. There’s just something about that day. Julius Caesar and Cesare Borgia weren’t the only ones whose lives were forever changed by that worrisome date. Many of my friends have said the same thing. To be honest, I believe my loss of enthusiasm comes from the pressure of making the resolution.

I think New Years goals are too much, counter-productive, even. Heck, I’m just getting over the stress of the old year, my sanity barely in check. And now, someone will be expecting me to follow through on a bunch of things I failed at in the previous year; but because this is a brand, spankin’ new year I’m headed into, then the world will magically fall into place and all that baked mac & cheese I ate last Thanksgiving and Christmas will suddenly disappear from my waistline. Um… no. Life just doesn’t work that way. At least, not for me. But that’s just my humble opinion.

This year, I vow to do something different. I’m not going to resolve to do anything today or tomorrow or even next week, just yet. I’m not going to put that pressure on myself again and then feel like hiding under the bed come mid-year when, I haven’t even started the first round of resolutions.

In 2015, I’m going to be making a wish list instead. You know, those things that we hope to be able to buy come December, or anytime during the year if it’s something small. To me, the concept of turning my resolutions into wishes is perfect. I can get rid of the pressure associated with telling my friends I’m finally going to lower that cholesterol of mine by hitting the gym every single day! Uh… not gonna happen. I always end up eating the words and tucking my tail when they ask how the exercise is coming along.

However, I have begun taking measures to improve my health, and I’ve added exercise, etc. to my 2015 wish list. And if the wishes listed below don’t all come true, then I’ll be less disappointed because I can easily move the leftover items out to 2016. No questions. No pressure.

Introducing Kayleigh’s 2015 Wish List

The tangibles:

Goals: I do have them, I just don’t want to list them just yet. This method of cumulative progress (great idea for a future post, right?) works wonders for my confidence and my soul. However, I will tell you that I have three main ideas for goals that involve: my writing career, family, and health.

First review time: aiming to have them set up by mid to late-February.

The forgetting after the forgiveness: Yep, I need some work in that area. I’m not cold-hearted, by any means, and consider myself a woman of faith, yet sometimes, I hold on to the “memories” of the forgiven deed. To truly embrace the positive, you must let go of the negative.
Review time: mid-June. Final analysis: December

Community Awareness: Being more proactive in this area because in 2014, we experienced/witnessed/grieved over some of the most controversial topics of the decade, so far. I no longer want to sit back and do nothing, acting as though the things taking place around me don’t affect my world. We all live on this planet. This one should be on all our wish lists.
Review Time – Mid June

Live Well Be Fabulous: Yep! I’m taking LWBF to the place it’s meant to be. It’s time for my little blogazine to shine. I’ve spent the last year developing its direction, and all of you have been wonderful in supporting me in this endeavor, even while I took time away near the end of 2014 to reenergize and recharge. This is one wish I know will come true.
Review time: mid-June

Reading: So many books, not nearly enough time. That’s always true, isn’t it? I’m taking the 2015 Reading challenge and pushing myself to read 60 books versus last year’s 50. On my “I can’t wait because I’m proud to be a freakin’ nerd” list: Game of Thrones series, the All Souls Trilogy, the Crossfire Series and the Mortal Instruments.
Final Review: December

Movies: I’m going to be so broke in 2015, but movies are HUGE therapy for me. There are too many to name, so I’ll post an article about them later on this month. A few notable mentions: 50 Shades of Gray (yeah, yeah, I know. It’s the romance author in me), Jurassic World, the Avengers Part 2! Exciting!

Organizing: the decluttering project went well, but keeping the house in that minimalist state of bliss has been challenging. However, I do believe an organized space produces a less stressful mind, so this baby is definitely a priority wish.
First Review-March

The intangibles:

Embracing: More time to do absolutely nothing… except watching Borgia reruns on Netflix!

Listening: to my marathon track and organizing the tunes, so they’ll be ready for my first marathon in April.

Travel: Both local & national trips. Next year will be the Italy trip, but saving for it starts now!

Watching: people. They’re fascinating!

Running: never thought I’d love it so much. Prepare to be showered with great pics from this energetic sport.

Photography: day trips for my son and me to whatever intriguing place we choose and snapping photos. First stop: Bolivia, North Carolina!

Have a fantastic 2015, and may all your wishes come true!

What do you think of the New Year’s wish list idea?