I love fashion! Especially these days. Who doesn’t? But lately, the trend in design has been as close to anything goes as it ever has been before. Lace paired with black leather biker pants, sweat shirts with silk inserted into a split seam on back, riding boots with specially designed socks that are long enough to stick out of the top. The possibilities are endless!


On to color. The hues of 2014 were fabulous, especially since I’m not a huge fan of super bright pallets. However, I’m not a pastel girl, either. Thankfully, the annual 2015 color list holds a variety of goodies for the neutralista (fancy word created for those of us who love both the sassiness of rich colors and the romantic allure of pastels). More on that pallet will be covered in another post later on this month.

Nevertheless, there was one 2013 color (nope, I didn’t type 2014FallColorsthe wrong year) that I discovered late in the 2014 fashion game, aka fall. Suddenly I found myself on a race to find the perfect oversized mustard colored sweater. But wait! That color was popular two seasons ago, you’re saying. True. But a few stores still carry this gorgeous color (now creatively called misted yellow on most sites). I’m not a huge fan of misted yellow. It lacks the drama and power of mustard yellow’s saturated hue. See the proof in the 2014 color swatch to your left. Do you see a few of your favorites listed?

My love affair with mustard yellow began on Pinterest after I had stumbled across this pin put together by stylecaster.com.MustardColoredSweater2 Sweet, right? This little doll is a creation by Elin Kling (follow her blog here). The repins started coming in, right away. Okay, now here comes the kicker. I clicked on the link, went to the site and guess what? The sweater was no longer available. The mustard colored vamp had bitten me, and I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I had one of these babies in my arsenal of comfy, cozy sweaters.

After about two months of frantically searching, I got lucky. The love of this season’s fashion life entered my world. Urban Outfitters and a manager named Evie (V for Vendetta comes to mind) made my day. While checking up on my favorite fashion stores and scouring through all the post-Black Friday online sales, I found this lovely oversized sweater on a deep discount. I saved the link on my cell phone, headed down to the local Urban Outfitters and snagged one of the last two small sweaters.

To add a touch of KayLeigh’s style to it, I bought a simple pair of Jennifer Lopez jeggings (Kohls) $54, added my Rampage boots (on sale at Macy’s for $20bucks), a black&white floral patterned scarf ($19 Old Navy) a pair of black&white boot socks by XOXO ($12 at Kohls) and then fell in love with myself! (Don’t be laughing at my little pic, now. I’m kind of a newbie) 😀


It’s not too late to get this look. Sweaters are on deep discount, so you’ll probably get a sweet deal. The stores are now making room for the clothing that goes along with my second favorite time of year… spring!

Once I get at least 5 comments, then I’ll add a picture of me wearing this crazy-fun outfit.

What do you think of the mustard/misted gold craze?