Thanks to everyone for sharing in the developmental year here at Live Well Be Fabulous. It’s hard to believe that one year has gone by so quickly. I can remember the first time I sat down and talked to my friends about this concept I had for a blogazine. They were like “what the heck is a blogazine?” I told them it’s like a blog, but with a LOT of pictures and article-based highlights instead of the standard conversational post.

What I have learned from the emails and constant attention I’ve received from my followers, even while I was briefly out of the scene a few months ago, is that the line between the two formats blurs on a daily basis. Live Well Be Fabulous began as a strictly concept-based venture, something I wasn’t quite sure would click with folks, but it has quickly moved toward a message of inspiration and motivation in spite of my original fears and insecurities.

So how do you know folks dig what you’re doing? There have been more visitors and views in this first month of the year than there were in the last six months of 2014 altogether. I’m so grateful for my returning visitors and regular commenters. Blogging is super super l hard work. One commenter told me I made it look easy. We’ve even won an award for being a vessel of motivation for folks, and some readers now check in every day to find out what’s going on. Now that’s what you call fabulosity in motion.

2015 promises to be an amazing year! I can already feel it happening. And Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. LWBF has many fun activities and stories planned for you in February and throughout the rest of the year. I hope you continue to join us as we head toward a future of fun and fabulosity!

Thanks so much for digging and supporting the message LWBF was created to share. As you head out and face the trials of the day, remember there’s nothing to it… but to do it. Seriously, thinking that way works.

Now go forth and be an Agent of Fabulosity!