Today I had written an intense, experience driven post about trusting in your dreams and then having the courage to follow them. However, this morning when I woke up, the wordpress app I have on my phone (yeah, that would be the one I so lovingly praised in a review a couple weeks ago) decided to break the connection to my self-hosted site as well as the drafted posts I created yesterday. Needless to say, I wasn’t very motivated when I found out I’d lost what would’ve been one of the best posts I’d written since I’ve been blogging.

The story of Monday morning gets better from there. As I was preparing my coffeemaker for brewing a good pot of chocolate glazed donut coffee, I dropped the filter on the kitchen floor, scattering wet coffee grinds everywhere. At that point, I found myself saying this was going to be one of those days, especially since it was a Monday. The beginning of the work week always proves to be the hardest part of getting up and facing the first day after the weekend, doesn’t it?

So I sat down, feeling frustrated beyond words, and began typing out my thoughts. The Monday Motivational pieces are some of my most viewed articles. People really dig the quotes and inspiring comments and advice I give. I knew I couldn’t let you down.

Even though I’ve lost the gorgeous article I wrote, I’m still forging ahead (like the five armies in the Hobbit’s last trilogy). I’m  going to put this morning on rewind and I fully intend to repeat the way I felt this past weekend, creatively motivated and filled with positive vibes.

And no worries, I’ll pull that article out of my head and have it ready for you next week. It’ll be easy for me to do, because being motivated and sharing that experience with others doesn’t just come from the brain, nah. Positive energy and the ability to project the love in our hearts to others comes from within the soul.

“I’m thankful for my struggles, because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.” -Author Alex Elle

You can do this Monday thing today. If it started off a little tough for you as it did for me, then just stop, take deep breaths, concentrate on something that made you laugh, smile or cry over the weekend and then head out the door.