As promised, I have a special Valentine’s Day outfit treat for…

the single ladies (clears throat since I’m one of these).You make heads turn when you walk into a room. Everyone wants to be around you, the girl/lady/woman who clearly has the “it” factor. You face each day with a “can do” attitude and demand respect because you embody strength at its best. Most importantly, you know what you want and who you’re looking for.

Settling isn’t an option. No way. You expect the best. Keep an open mind about the naughty. But at the end of the day, you put your hair up, pull out the latest Sylvia Day or E.L. James novel and lose yourself in the moment. Why does this lifestyle, this feeling of being so comfortable in your skin come so easily to you? Because…

You are saving yourself for Mr. Grey!

I call this set “Saving Myself for Mr. Grey”. Sexy, but not garish. Innocent, but um… not really. Head turning, yet totally relatable. Do you get my point?


Items in this set:

1. Daisy by Marc Jacobs $76 Nordstrom

2.  Katy Black Lips Chain Bag $26

3. Beyond Yoga Essential Gathered Legging $59.99

4.  Bright Pink Ms. KG Annie Court Shoes $89.99

5. Dune Blue Purse $53

6. Gypsy Warrior Essential Leggings $20

7. Big Flower Tunic $69.99 ILOVETUNICS.COM

Almost anyone can work this outfit. I’ve even included two separate pairs of leggings (they work wonders for any figure when paired with the tunic). This outfit makes the perfect “night out with the girls” ensemble. Oh yeah, and since it’s so very classy, you just might find your Mr. Grey this Valentine’s Day.

I also have a set designed for ladies who’ll be heading out on a date night with your significant Other. It’s called Prince Caspian’s Lady. Click the link, head over there and let us know what you think.