You may agree with some and wonder what the heck I’m thinking with others, but there’s no denying that when love is in the airwaves, then ratings soar. I chose 14 couples who have stuck with us throughout the years. No worries, though. I offer a brief explanation on how each one made it onto the list.

Some of the movies listed below might be familiar to you, while others might mean a date with the library/redbox/Vudu movie services. And guess what? This would be the perfect weekend to do so, right? Either way, there’s no denying an epic chemistry exists in all the couples I’ve chosen to highlight in this week’s Theatre Thursday.

Drumrolls Please…

Top14CouplesLetty&Dom1. Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez – Letty & Dom from the Fast & the Furious franchise. Because any man who is willing to leap over a bridge filled with cars during LA’s rush hour in order to save the woman he loves deserves the top spot of a most romantic list anyday!



2. Trinity & Neo – Black suits. Slick black hair. And we won’t mention that party in part 3 where everybody was um… yeah.

Talk about moving the world for your loved one, which is exactly what Neo did to save his lady love in the Matrix Revolutions. Don’t go messin’ around with the One’s lady, or you’ll most definitely be sorry.


Rose&JackTop14Couples3. Rose & Jack – Sorry fellas. I gotta do it. This couple just had the “it” factor going on. It was almost like we could feel the chemistry burning through the screen. While other more notable couples have come along since, there’s still a classic appeal to the boy in rags who’s trying to win the affections of the rich girl from the other side of the tracks.


4. Scarlett O’Hara & Rhett Butler – Yet another tragic love story/obsession/fatal attraction in its early days kind of deal. Even with Scarlett’s scheming ways and general bitchery (sorry folks, it’s true) you still want to see her get the man. Kudos to Vivien Leigh for pulling off such an excellent performance.

Carmen&JoeTop14Couples5.  Carmen & Joe in Carmen Jones. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of this movie. Yet, the on-screen chemistry between Harry B. and Dorothy Dandridge rocks. And for an African-American couple to make history this way during a time known for its civil unrest is noteworthy and epic in itself. I have it on the to-watch list for this weekend.

Bella&EdwardTop14Couples6. Bella & Edward – Don’t be throwing mental daggers at me, now. But like it or not, the vampy couple managed to bewitch us in a way that intrigued us for almost a decade.

7. And while we’re on the subject of couples bound together by supernatural happenings… The love between Captain Steven Miller & Jasmine Jones in Independence Day played by Will Smith & Vivica Fox was enough to send the Captain on a mission to Mars in order to save the day for their love. Well, maybe it wasn’t Mars he visited, but you get the point.

Richard&JuliaPrettyWomanTop14Couples8.  Julia Roberts & Richard Gere Pretty Woman – The opposite of the Titanic love story, yet still intriguing.  Thousands of romance novels now use this formula with great success. However, none of them compares to the quirky, witty relationship between the original pretty girl and her Prince Charming.


9. Stella & Winston in How Stella Got her Groove Back – Women around the world stood up and cheered at the end of this movie. I think this is about the time the term “cougar” stormed onto the scene as well. Hmm. Either way, you need to take some time to watch this movie. I’m pretty sure you’ll find reasons of your own to cheer after you do.


Baby&JonnyTop14Couples10.  Baby  & Jonny in Dirty Dancing **Takes deep breath and sighs first** Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey will forever hold a special place in our hearts. You know a movie is iconic when you joke with your co-workers and say “Nobody puts Kay in a corner” and they understand what you mean. 😀


11. Justice & Lucky in Poetic Justice – I found this on Netflix a couple weeks ago and watched it for the first time in over a decade. I loved the simplicity and the way their relationship developed. Innocence and spice all in the same go. And Janet Jackson’s box braids made her look almost too cute. LoL


Sandy&JonnyGreaseTop14Couples12.  Sandy & Danny in Grease – good girl (same nickname as me in another lifetime) plus bad boy in leather pants and black clothing (Don’t forget to mention the chin dimple) equals a rockin’ hot time. ‘Nuff said.



13.  SamandMollyGhostTop14CouplesMolly & Sam  in Ghost – loved this couple so much that they inspired me to begin writing romance novels. Sure, the overall premise and storyline was a little sad and just a tad depressing, but there’s no denying Patrick Swayze (sighs and takes a deep breath again) and Demi Moore together create an unbelievable chemistry that’s worth dying for and coming back from that death to avenge your love. Totally epic!

Sayuri&theChairmanMemoirsGeishaTop14Couples14. Sayuri and the Chairman in Memoirs of a Geisha – Last but by no means least is the oddest, yet truest love story of them all. This fine movie (book is great too, btw) puts a new spin on the poor girl/rich boy love story. Instead of waiting around to get noticed by her heart’s true love, our heroine, Sayuri, forged her own way to destiny and won the heart of the guy and us viewers as well.

 Honorable TV Mentions:
  1. The Huxtables in the Cosby Show
  2. George & Wheezy Jefferson in the Jeffersons
  3. Abby Mills & Ichibod Crane in Sleepy Hollow

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