DIY-Mermaid-Nail-Art-In-6-Easy-Steps-LiWBFI found the greatest thing invented since chocolate. Say what? Seriously.

Is it a great new recipe? Have I found the cure for frizz? Nah. Actually, this discovery is just as exciting as those two things. I discovered Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Manicure set. WooHoo!

Now the disclaimer says this manicure will last for up to 2 weeks. I admit that I was highly skeptical. Other gel nail wannabes weren’t able to stand up to the craft test. What is that? Busy hands. Fancy hands. It’s however you choose to describe someone who uses their fingertips to build/create/design for a living and therefore can’t justify the cost of a salon manicure. Holding a pair of needle-nosed pliers while piecing together a new necklace destroys most of my nail jobs. However, I love my work. So I started the search to find a way to look great and be handy.

Enter the Miracle Gel Nails system. I have now tested the two-week disclaimer several times with this manicure and can tell you that each of my nail jobs lasted two full weeks. With so many upcoming exciting events such as Easter, Spring Break, prom and holiday parties, I thought a nail tutorial on how to make your own artsy manicure would be a fantastic idea. And guess what? Pulling this nail job off will be so easy, you’ll want to keep doing it even during normal times of the year.

Items You’ll Need:

  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure Polish
  • Sally Hansen Topcoat (Must use Miracle Gel Manicure only)
  • Kiss Nails Art Decals
  • Kiss Nails Top Coat
  • Granulated glitter from the craft store
  • Small gemstones
  • Small craft brush

 The 6 Easy Steps:


  1. Paint Your Nails using the Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Nails System. I’d recommend using three coats of the base color and allowing about 15 minutes of drying time between the second and third coats. Do not try to bypass the need for using the real Miracle Gel topcoat. Trust me. I tried using a cheaper top coat and failed miserably. This system makes a nearly infallible manicure that will last for up to two full weeks when applied correctly. The color featured in this article is called Hydro Electric. DIY-Mermaid-Nail-Art-in-6-Easy-Steps-LiWBF
  2. Add the black & white nail decals by Kiss. You can also use acrylic paint to create your own designs. Do not add the topcoat just yet. Adding the topcoat at the right time will either make or break your design.DIY-Nail-Art-In-6-Easy-Steps-LiWBF
  3. Gather the glitter you’ve chosen for the designs. You’ll need three different colors to create the holographic effect that’s necessary for making an authentic mermaid look.DIY-Nai-Art-in-6-Easy-Steps-LiWBF
  4. Thoroughly cover the first nail with the Miracle Gel Nail topcoat. For the best results, you’ll need to cover one nail at a time. Use the craft brush to add the first layer of glitter. Repeat for the second and third layers. Go ahead and add any nail jewelry you’d like to include in your design at this point.Mermaid-Nail-Art-LiWBF
  5. Allow adequate drying time for the gel nail topcoat that should now contain your creatively crafted designs.BeautyPlus_20150301154255_save
  6. Add the Kiss topcoat. Allow your nails to completely dry before disturbing the design in any way.

Enjoy all the compliments you’re going to receive today!

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