Today we have another project in the Super Cute Series. This time, we get to gush all over a little Easter Bunny (he smells like chocolate too) and we get to make a butterfly flower basket which can still be used after Easter has passed. Yeah buddy! This makes a great family oriented project and can easily be modified to suit the creator’s personal tastes.

As with our latest project, the Super Cute Easter Basket Party Favor Tray, you can still head out to Dollar Tree today and grab the materials needed in this tutorial. Also, the craft store comes in handy for finding the materials needed in these super cute projects as well.

On to the tutorial.


1. Gather your materials. For this project you’ll need easter confetti, styrofoam eggs, a stuffed bunny rabbit (no taller than eight inches) something to sit the bunny on. For the flower basket, you’ll need a colorful box with ribbon attached and a preset floral arrangement. In this tutorial, I’m reusing the silver tray from the Super Cute Valentine’s Day post.



2. Assemble the butterfly flower basket, making sure to straighten out the flower stems for a clean look. Cut the blue ribbon off the box and set aside. We’ll be using it in the next step.


3. Add the confetti to the basket and the tray making sure to leave a clear space for the basket.


4.  Add the blue ribbon from the Easter box to the bunny’s bow which gives him more of an Easter look. I used a small safety pin to attach the ribbon to the bunny’s brown bowtie. However, glue makes a good substitute as well.


5. Set the bunny and the flower basket down on top the tray. Add decorative eggs.

6. Enjoy your new centerpiece!


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