Spring… my absolute most favorite time of the year. I cannot even begin to describe the extent of my obsession with this time of year. Trees begin to wake up. Hostas and other lovely perennials I don’t have to plant over and over each year suddenly pop up out of the ground. And my gorgeous Japanese magnolia tree starts the show with its delicate pink petals. I think the birds even sing louder and prettier outside my window. The project that I began 10 years ago, the one where I’ve transitioned my ranch house into an Italian villa is almost complete. That feeling of accomplishment makes witnessing the birth of each spring even more spectacular than the previous one.

What makes a cozy day of sitting out on the back porch while basking underneath the rays of the setting sun on a spring day so special? How about the food we eat. The company we keep. The drinks we choose to share with loved ones. For this month’s Tipsy Tuesday segment, I’m happy to share my very first cocktail recipe. That’s right. I did it. Finally! LoL

Introducing the Hawaiian Moscato Punch Cocktail!



Yeah, I know. I have an eclectic personality.

This is a modified (aka adult style) version of a punch that I always make for holidays. Since I’m already on this  mission to transport the essence of Italy to my neighborhood then why not share the love with everybody else around me.

You can spice this punch up or you can water it down, depending on your preference. On weekends, I prefer to add a shot of vodka. When I want to lighten the load then I add more Hawaiian punch. The fun thing about this light-hearted cocktail drink is that it can be customized to suit just about any occasion.
What you’ll need:
1 Liter of Moscato
1.5 cups limeade
1 cup Hawaiian Punch
1.5 cup sliced strawberries
1 cup strawberry slices
1 cup diced Pineapple (optional)
1) Mix the sliced strawberries, 1/2 cup limeade and 1/2 cup Hawaiian punch in a blender
2) Pour the mixture into a pitcher
3) Add the Moscato, 1 extra cup of limeade and 1/2 cup Hawaiian punch
4) Thoroughly mix all ingredients
5) Add pineapple and strawberry as embellishments
6) Chill and enjoy!