super-cute-charm-bracelet-in-6-Easy-StepsThe DIY revolution is here. Woo-hoo!  I’m excited about that (if you can’t tell) and have been ever since I jumped on board this happy train years ago. It’s exciting to see folks who are sewing their own clothes, painting their rooms, laying tile. The list goes on and on. Have you jump-started your DIY adventure yet? Yes? Fantastic. If not, then what are you waiting for? There’s a world of creativity waiting for you to add your mark.
Blue Moon ScrapbookingOne thing I always find intriguingly fun is jewelry making. It’so also one of the easiest DIY projects to dive into once you master the basics. One thing I have found since I jump-started my muse’s creative flow again is that polymer clay has never been so much fun. So many creative things come out of baking clay. I haven’t had this much fun with crafts since elementary school, I do believe.


In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make this gorgeous charm bracelet. Isn’t it the cutest thing? 

Ready to get started?


1. Gather your materials. 


2. Roll a 1/2″ piece of red clay into a ball. You can go ahead and roll all the balls of clay you’ll be using for the bracelet. It’s important that the clay remains firm and doesn’t take on a conditioned state (soft and easy to mold). If you find the clay has become too soft then either sit it on a piece of paper to absorb the water or put it in the refrigerator for a short period. 


3. Using a clay knife start by cutting straight down on various sections of the circle. Repeat this until you have done this for all sides, creating the illusion of a gemstone as seen in the picture. Vary your cuts as you go along which creates the variation necessary for the beaded look. Repeat this process for all the other balls of clay and remember to be creative with each one. The cuts do not have to be the same for each bead. Add fish eye hooks using a toothpick. For added security (so you don’t wind up losing your bead), I usually add a dab of craft glue to the fish eye hook after baking. 

4. Bake the clay according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a ceramic tray or a glass dish, making sure to coat the surface with baking soda if you don’t intend to create a shiny surface. Remove the tray when done and allow the beads to fully dry and cool down. The clay will still be in its easy-to-mold state for about a half hour after removing the beads from the oven. 



5. Add a thin layer of acrylic gloss to each bead, making sure to dab remove any excess liquid. Allow to fully dry.


Assemble Your Bracelet


6. Cut a 5-8″ piece of wire (depending on size of arm or personal preference). Use needle-nose pliers to add a hook and clasp to the ends of the wire. Attach the each bead to a loops in the bracelet by using jump rings. Go ahead. Be creative and add a couple of your favorite charms in between the beads. For this project, I chose to use a few of the charms I made in a earlier project. Those tutorials will also be covered soon.


Enjoy your new bracelet!

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