Super Cute Butterfly Floral Arrangement in 6 Easy Steps

Mother’s Day is almost here! Where in the world has the first quarter of this year gone?

However, I can tell you what has not caught me by surprise. And that’s the date for posting this next installment of the Super Cute Craft series. It’s always exciting to create, photograph and then share these posts.


I must admit that when I first came up with the idea for today’s post, I wasn’t sure how it would work out for me. Some folks view floral arrangements as, well, kinda old-fashioned and stuffy. I couldn’t disagree more. Like many other traditional arts & crafts these days, the art of the floral arrangement has evolved as well. You just have to think outside the stereotypes surrounding this skill and embrace what makes you unique. But wait. What has personality got to with being able to make a good bouquet? Everything! Think about it. Most bouquets/arrangements wind up as gifts or centerpieces. And you want folks to look at it and say: “yeah, I can see some of you all over this.”

For example, I chose to focus on butterflies in this tutorial. Why? Because everyone knows how much I love them. For me, the butterfly symbolizes beauty and freedom and many other things I’ve faced in my life. Think of an element in your life that means something to you. It can be a symbol or something that happened during a certain period. What colors inspired you during this time in your life? For me, purple, soft blue and amber had significant impacts on my life. Ask yourself these questions and you’ll have a head start on the direction of your arrangement.

Now on to the tutorial.


1. Gather your materials. Both real and artificial plants work for this tutorial. Make sure to remove all tags and stickers. Go ahead and cut any stems that don’t line up with the other flowers in the group. No stem should touch the bottom of the vase (good visual impact). A good way to pre-measure the stems is to simply take the group of plants you intend to use and hold them up beside the vase, keeping an eye on how evenly the stems fall when bunched together.

2. Prepare the vase. Read the full tutorial on how I created this pretty little glitter heart vase here. After you’ve finished creating your vase, then go ahead and fill the container with the gel beads. Leave about 1-2 inches of space at the top of the vase. These beads can also be used to keep your real flowers alive longer since they absorb water and gradually release liquid over time. Pick these up at either the dollar store or your craft store.


3. Insert your anchor plant. This one should represent something for you. In my case, the purple foxglove was perfect. Make sure the anchor flower sits taller, longer and stronger than all the others. This is also where you’ll be attaching the largest butterfly later, so give him a good stage to shine on.



4. Arrange the focal point flowers. I chose orange and white flowers for this arrangement. The warmth of the orange compliments the cool tones of the purple foxglove. And the white creates a neutral background for the entire project as you’ll see here in a bit. Make sure to spread the flowers out by intermingling the buds so the arrangement looks as natural as possible.


5. Insert your tie-in plant(s). I chose a pretty blue flower to offset the strength of the golden orange one above it. Also, this flower will be in the place that should tie in with your focal point design. Next, I chose a plant in the same shade/tone as my anchor plant to spread throughout the arrangement. This provides a focal point of interest without becoming a distraction by stealing the limelight from your anchor plant.

6. Insert the butterflies. I used butterfly grass (too cute) to spread throughout the arrangement. If you can’t find these pre-made at your local dollar store, then you can buy pre-made butterflies and attach them to craft grass. I was also lucky enough to find a light up holographic butterfly. Attach the prettiest, most eye-catching butterfly to the tip of the foxglove.


Enjoy your new arrangement!