Weekend Fashion Files… Passionately Pink

Weekend-Fashion-Files-Passionately-Pink-LiWBFAre you ready to feel like a princess this weekend? Today’s fashion set consists of a combination both of sexy and sweet and will have you turning heads no matter where you decide to wear this week’s featured outfit.

As you may know, I’m obsessed with the color white. If you haven’t already done so, you can read all about my thoughts on why I believe white is just as powerful as black in the Gothic of White series part one and two.

A variation of pink has also made a comeback in the 2015 fashion scene. It’s called dusty rose in some circles and strawberry ice in others. You can read about my thoughts on all the 2015 colors of the year in this article. Can you tell I was feeling “passionate” about pink when I put this outfit together? 😀



Items in this set: 

  1. Pastel Garden Dress $100.00 RicketyRack.com
  2. Lipsy Faux Pearl Bracelet Set (14.00 British Pounds) Lipsy.co.uk
  3. Trendy Stiletto Heel and Hollow Out Design Women’s Sandal $24.16 NastyDress.com
  4. Dare Fragrance $52.00 by Guess.com
  5. Summer Floral 3D Hardcase Clutch Bag $89.00 Accessorize.com

I love and adore top knots. However the current go-to hairstyle of the American woman isn’t for everyone. With today’s featured outfit, you can choose to either wear a top knot, go au natural, or to showoff your long and loose waves like the braided ponytail pictured in the set. Choose a pair of heels to finish off the look instead of ballet flats. I know, it’s a tough decision but someone’s gotta do it. I’m right there with you because I adore all 20 pairs of my ballet shoes.

As I was putting together this look, I thought of Mothers Day. Throughout the upcoming week, LiWBF will be featuring even more Mother’s Day inspired outfits. So whether you’re Mom, daughter or both then you’re bound to find an outfit that fits your style.

Shopping guide can be found below the picture.

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