Live Well. Be Fabulous… Beach Fashion 2015


I’m thrilled to present this week’s Wearable Wednesday set. You know what time of year this is, right? Let me help you out by giving you a few hints. Think the sun’s rays warming your skin. Water thrashing against the shores. Seagulls squawking overhead, filling your ears with harmonies of nature as you lay on a cot, the wind tossing grains of sand across your legs. Okay, you got the picture now.

In the following set, you’ll find a collection of fabulous beach gear that consists of the latest rage in swim wear… something I like to call the Marilyn Monroe bikini bottom. Tell us what you think about this super affordable look!

Live-Well-Be-Fabulous-Beach-Wear-LiWBFItems in This Set:

  1. Barcelona Aztec Bikini Set $35
  2. Black Pearl Flip Flop Sandals $31
  3. Embellished Cowboy Hat $16
  4. Lolita Deluxe Sunglasses $199