For this week’s featured outfit, I took to the streets of my old collegiate stomping grounds… the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There was one particular spot that has evolved throughout the years, a spot near the fabulously eclectic hustle and bustle of Franklin Street that I wanted to see.

I call this outfit the Graffiti Girl because she’s outgoing, fun, eccentric & eclectic. When she walks in a room, all eyes naturally gravitate towards her. Her style is timeless, classic, bold… fabulous! Are you the Graffiti Girl?

I was really excited to find the deal on these joggers designed by Seventeen. Now, I’m not hardly seventeen anymore, but for $12.99 when these babies normally run around 40bucks a pop was a steal I just couldn’t resist. And the wide sombrero by Verona was a mission accomplished after several weeks of purchasing/returning/storing the wrong hat. I can just envision the way this hat will look with all the great outfits I’ll be pairing it with.


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Items in this set:

  1. Joggers by Seventeen $14.99
  2. Women’s Fedora Hat with Wide Rim and Braided Sash $14.99 Target
  3. Wink Sandals by American Eagle $12.99 Payless
  4. Shirt Vintage Cha Cha Clothing found at Burlington Coat Factory

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