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Happy Birthday Tweety Bird!

Last week, I celebrated a belated birthday with my little sis, Anastasia. Yep! That’s her real name. I promise I’m not making it up. We had sooooo much fun hanging out doing the sister day thing. And since we don’t get to see each other as often because of our super demanding schedules (she works in finance and I write and manage this blog) it was doubly special fun. You can expect to see more stories and pics from her adventurous life and great style as the months progress. She and my nephew are headed out to Busch Gardens and the beach this weekend, so I’ve told her to make sure she takes plenty of fun pics.


Back to our birthday celebration along with the explanation for the title of this article. Okay, let me go ahead and confess. I am Tweety Bird. And I’m not talking about the big-headed, junk talking canary (is he a canary?…hmm) from the television show. Back in my middle school days both family and friends called me Tweety Bird. Why? Because while everyone else was wearing designer duds, I was rocking the Tweety Bird t-shirt, jacket and jeans. And it wasn’t something I was happy about. At least, not at first.

Later, I came to embrace that eh-em, identity creating time in life and the lesson I learned about being unique. Little did I know, but my mom (who wasn’t into fashion as much as her daughter) actually helped me to develop my unique identity, a skill I have used to design the life I wanted instead of settling for what others have said I do. Now, I’ve been able to help my kids develop their uniqueness as well in a society that’s so much more challenging than it was during my Tweety years!

So the moral behind the title of this week’s Fashion Files is that you should embrace your unique identity and hold on to what makes you unique. The key to making it in this world is knowing who you are and what to do now that you’ve discovered that inner goddess… or god. 🙂

So go ahead and celebrate something you did that seemed like an impossible dream. Start that yoga class you’ve been debating. Sign up for a 5k Marathon and begin training for it today. Trust me, you will love the results. Take singing lessons and join a local performance group. Whatever you decide to do doesn’t have to be a huge thing. However, it does need to be your thing!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and outfit ideas from my special day!

We started the day by getting Hollywood style mani-pedis at a salon called Hollywood Nails of course! So much fun. That’s why you see the super huge smiles in the picture above this paragraph.

While patiently waiting for our nail polish to dry, I fell in love with the sandals my sister was wearing. OMG! I just had to have them. Not only did they go super duperly well with my outfit, but they’re just totally adorable. My sis even offered to give me her pair if we couldn’t find a pair at Marshall’s, the spot where she’d purchased hers. So about half an hour later and after scouring through the isles of the local Marshall’s, we nailed our mission. Check out my lovely feet, complete with a Hollywood style pedicure. This shoe is called Fairy by Zigi Soho. I now own about three pairs of his shoes. That’s why I have that huge grin on my face.

Details on where to buy the sandals will be at the end of the outfit post pics.

Next, it was time to celebrate and fill our empty tummies. All that walking and hunting for the perfect shoe made us super hungry. Soooo… enter a fabulously sweet little Mexican restaurant called Mi Cancun. My sis ordered tacos, authentically made ones and I ordered a fajita. I have never eaten so much wonderfully delicious food in my life. If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican experience then look no further than Mi Cancun. They also have a great 4pm Saturday deal where you get a $5 Marguerita! What a steal. Just check out the size of the plate in the pics below and prepare to get hungry. 😀


Finally, we stopped by the craft store (of course…LOL) and Total Wine to fill up on the reserves for our next celebratory moment. Best birthday ever!




Items in this set: 

  1. Zigi Soho Women’s Fairy Sandals $61.99 (Grab a pair while you still can!)
  2. Ocean Breeze Sleeveless Dress/Cover Up $19.99 in Purple (Also need to grab one of these ASAP! Yellow sold out the day I posted my look on Lookbook)

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