The Fashion Files… 50 Shades of KayLeigh

This week’s Fashion Files showcases one of my most rebellious outfit posts yet. I call this look 50 Shades of KayLeigh (my nickname for those of you who don’t know).  And guess what? You get two goodies in one post… a) a mini tutorial and b) a great outfit idea post. If you have followed this series, then you’ll know that most of the last few outfits have been colorfully coordinated and filled with floral elegance. Well, I want to shake things up a bit this week. The-Fashion-Files-50-Shades-of-KayLeigh-Double-Feature-LiWBF Today’s outfit features a fun oversized hi-lo tee shirt by Silence & Noise, a lovely little deal I found at Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago. I paired it with the Express denim shorts that I made by altering a pair of jeans and then personalized the shorts by tattering the edges with a pair of shearing scissors. And the boots! What can I say about these little babies besides the fact that they are my favorite pair of shoe-boots ever? Part sandal, part boot. What more fun could we ask for in our footwear? Now, I think I probably have the biggest hair in my city. I think probably even since the Diana Ross days. LOL Instead of frying my hair with heat after washing it, I decided to let it dry naturally. The result? A super fun outfit that anyone of any age can enjoy. I almost called this post the Rebel Mom. Try this one out on one of your days off. You’ll be glad you did. Go ahead. Be daring. Be Bold… Be an Agent of Fabulosity!   The-Fashion-Files-50-Shades-of-KayLeigh-Pic-One-LiWBF   The-Fashion-Files-50-Shades-of-KayLeigh-Pic-Two-LiWBF   The-Fashion-Files-50-Shades-of-KayLeigh-Pic-Three-LiWBF   The-Fashion-Files-50-Shades-of-KayLeigh-Pic-Four-LiWBF   The-Fashion-Files-50-Shades-of-KayLeigh-Pic-Five-LiWBF   The-Fashion-Files-50-Shades-of-KayLeigh-Pic-Six-LiWBF   The-Fashion-Files-50-Shades-of-KayLeigh-Pic-Seven-LiWBF   1807-2015-013851950031495130

Items in this set:

  1. Snakeskin Convertible Satchel by Vera Wang $99
  2. Silence & Noise Erin Tee $24.99 Urban Outfitters
  3. Cat Eye Sunglasses Oscar De La Renta $125

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