The Color Wheel…

The Fabulosity of Orange Based Colors

imageI cannot believe I have yet to cover orange in Live Well… Be Fabulous’s color wheel posts. The happiest color in the box (in my humble opinion anyway) proves to be one of the most versatile shades of the wheel and can be defined under the disguise of several different names… Terra cotta, chai spice, Amber dawn, pumpkin. The list of orange based colors and inspired names is endless, and each one brings a new aspect to this fabulous hue’s personality and the space the color orange decorates.


Orange has also become one of my favorite decorative colors as well. I cannot get enough of finding places in my home to add a dash of orange. I painted my living walls a rich shade of Chai Spice. Images of a Tibetan monastery come to mind when you step inside my home. At first, I was a bit hesitant because this updated color was a HUGE change from dusty pink walls. Yet, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the warmth this shade provides to your living space. This earthy shade isn’t just for decorating kitchens and restaurant walls. Chai Spice works surprisingly well in my home, and can see me living with it for a long time.

However, decorating with orange based colors is where my intrigue ends. I’m not a fan of orange in my outfits, although, I have used various shades of orange in the outfits I design and post on Polyvore.

March, 2016 update: I finally ventured out and found a few items of peach clothing. #OOTD posts will soon follow this updated post.

This hue makes both a great accent piece and main color for your outfit. It has been almost a year since I published this color wheel post, so I’ve actually collected a few orange items for my wardrobe. I take my new intrigue with proudly wearing my favorite decorative color as a sign of the new phase of my life that I’m heading in. Yes, black will always be my happy color, but terra cotta and chai spice will always be my two main calming forces.