The Life Survival Checklist

I would like to introduce a new series I’ll be incorporating into LiWBF. It’s called the Life Survival Kit Checklist and I do believe this makes the perfect title for my super busy lifestyle.


With so many tasks piling up on our to do lists is so easy to get caught up in living that we forget to stop and take a moment to breathe, a vital part of living. So I’ve decided to hold myself accountable (as in, I’m actually stopping and taking a moment to meditate and relax) by making a list of things I’m doing/using/wanting to help keep my sanity.

Here’s this week’s list:

1) Found the perfect to-do list software – It’s called Trello and has like a zero learning curve. For a visual person like me this little app is like a dream. Click on the link in the first sentence to read all about it.

2) Caribou Coffee – has a new Cafe Press I’m dying to try out. There’ll be a whole segment on that drink coming up in Weekend Wanderlust so stay tuned.


3) – purchased a new denim skirt outfit from their site and pictures in the form of the Fashion Files will be sure to follow soon.


4) Polyvore – almost at 1000 followers! My goal of becoming a bona-fide stylist keeps getting closer.


5) Lookbook – Hit 212 fans on there. All LiWBF’s styled outfits keep hitting both the Top and Hot pages, a big thing on Lookbook and especially for a newbie fashion blogger. This means millions of fashion enthusiasts and brands get to see my smiley face looking all stylish in the outfits I create. The link to LiWBF’S profile can be found in the sidebar to your right.


6) Reading Iced by Karen Marie Moning. Love this lady’s writing. Her stories never fail to pull me in. Which brings me to…


7) Paperbacks for all KaSonndra Leigh books will be available in stores everywhere by the end of the month. I’m working with formatters as I type.


8) Writing a new series under a pseudonym because this genre is totally different from my earlier works and I don’t want to confuse fans. Before making any official announcements about this serial at all, I intend to seek representation. I’m totally excited about this storyline and truly hope my readers will love these characters as much as I enjoyed creating and writing them. You can keep up with my writing progress and join thousands of other KLB Books fans on Facebook fan pages!

9) The Rose Garden – is filled with weeds and baby oaks. Sighs. However my son and I plan on tackling round one of those this weekend. Pictures will follow shortly. No links here. I put this blurb I’m here as an accountability measure. I truly need to get busy taking care of the hard work we put into making that garden so pretty. But alas! There’s always a matter of time… sighs.

10) Recently fell in love with the library again – Let’s face it. The coffee shops are cool and everything, but the atmosphere can be totally counterproductive to your progress at times. However with 4 upcoming book releases and a major crowd funding campaign to prepare for LiWBF, I needed solitude and quiet without distraction. That meant no coffee shops (cuz I make friends way too easily anyway) and no home office (that Spartacus Marathon keeps calling to me). I got more done in an hour of library time last night than I’ve accomplished in several months of coffeehouse writing sessions.


Life is good. What are your plans today? What survival tactics will you use to help keep your sanity in check? Let us know!