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The Life Survival Checklist 8/31/2015

It’s that time again the end of the month where I like to make sure I am actually in survival mode. What does that mean exactly? It’s time for me to list out those things I’m working on, wearing, avoiding, loving… etc. etc. You know the drill.

Life moves so fast these days. It can truly get away from us if we’re not careful. Now, I won’t hold myself to the strenuous task of creating a daily to-do list (it would never get done) but I will do my best to post these Life Survival Checklists at the end of each month.

Having said all that… here we go!

1) Reading: the Prelude written by your bloggerly host, aka… me. Yep, this is the first book in my Contemporary Romantic Suspense series called the Musical Interlude. In order for an author to realistically capture the essence of the characters in a last book, she should try to re-read the series. Now, time constraints make this impossible for some folks, but my readers mean the world to me. I don’t want them to have to sit through a storyline of inconsistencies. Therefore, a re-reading of my work I shall do. Plus, it’s delightfully satisfying to go back and experience something that you created from a reader’s standpoint.

2) Watching: Power when I can steal some time. I’ve heard so many great reviews and was worried the show might be a bit out of my league (realistic things/shows, etc. scare me to death) but I’ve actually enjoyed it so far. Which leads me to the next bullet…

3) Re-Watching: Scandal Season 4. LOVE this show. Yet another surprise for me because I didn’t think I would enjoy it (See bullet #2 above).

4) Writing: the Finale, the last book in my Musical Interlude Series. And… When Tidal Waves Call, the last book of the Young Adult version of the Lost Immortals Saga.

5) Enjoying: Black EVERYTHING! That includes décor, clothing, nail polish… cars! LOL Yes, the Goth girl in me has returned this fall.

6) Learning: Photoshop. I’m taking a class with UDEMY, and it has helped me out a ton. I even designed my latest book cover. And since I have extensive experience with image manipulation software, I’ve found it both fun and easy to jump back into the photo art game.

7) Wearing: A cute little kimono top from the Dressin Group, a tee-shirt designed by Jennifer Lopez, and black skinny jeans from Express. I’ll be posting the look at some point this week along with a couple of others by this up and coming brand I’m collaborating with on Lookbook. I think you’re going to love what you see. J

8) Traveling to: Virginia Beach! I haven’t visited my favorite spot in almost a decade. The coastline has been rebuilt, and I’m more than ready to go and enjoy what I’ve only experienced in pictures so far.

9) Procrastinating on: Weeding the rose garden. I will keep adding this blurb until the effects of holding myself accountable by publicizing my neglect starts to kick in. Translation… I will actually go outside and hack the weeds. Or maybe, I’ll cheat and have my yard man take care of them for me. **rubs hands and grins wickedly**

10) Celebrating: Almost 140K views on this blog since I wrote that first post back in February, 2014. Ya’ll are AWESOME!!!