Scrapbook Art Sunday – 2015: The Year in Pictures

Knocking out a bit of scrapbooking tonight which is always both relaxing and fun. For this next segment in the Dream scrapbook I've been working on throughout the year, I'm documenting highlights of 2015. The Elegance of White was my first co-hosted party with @sydney_fashion_hunter! We had a ton of fun! Also created my first homemade cocktail drink using my very own recipe (Moscato punch). Finally, I completed the first of three book series. Looking forward to seeing what 2016 has to offer! ♬♥♪ #scrapbooking #scrapbook #artwork #artsy #arts #crafts #artsandcrafts #journal #diary #style #fashion #books #2015

Can you believe 2015 has only 4 more days left to go? 2016 sits waiting in the wings, and I don’t know about you, but I am super excited! Besides reaching several of the goals I discussed in the article I wrote about why I no longer choose to set resolutions, I found myself closer to some of the larger five-year goals I started back in 2011 when this blog was just an idea.

So what better way to say farewell to the year of challenges (my nickname for 2015, because that’s exactly what it has been like for me) than to document the highlights of our lives in scrapbook form? I pulled out the Dream scrapbook I’ve been working on throughout the year and came up with some creative ways to document the progress I made in 2015.


For this segment, I chose to use my favorite digital scrapbooking software, Cameran Collage, since this was the easiest and fastest way to add the dated ink stamps that this project would require. Digital software turns adjusting photos to fit any paper size into a workable task. However, we document and enjoy both methods of scrapbooking here at LiWBF. There’s just something truly relaxing about sitting down and putting together physical pages using all the little frilly things. Talk about being a kid again, right?

Sit back, relax and take a few moments to walk through a few of the highlights from my experiences in 2015.


This first page represents a validation of the most popular elements of 2015. Confession… I did not set out to become a fashion blogger. However, fashion has always been a HUGE part of my life. Folks always tell me how much they enjoy my outfits. Ever since grade school, I’ve had my friends tell me that my outfits look like something off the pages of a magazine. From day one, I knew that LiWBF fashion segment was going to be popular. And then, I joined Lookbook. From there, I created an Instagram account that has soared since my first post back in April. It was only a matter of time before I discovered the fabulous group of folks who have come to make up my Lookbook tribe!


The Super Cute DIY project series really took off. As a result LiWBF experienced its first viral post. I’ve made tons of new friends and cannot wait to meet some of these great folks. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the picture of Love & Alliances at the bottom of the screen. I’m publishing an episodic Interracial Romance under the pseudonym of Davina Lacey. The buzz surrounding the series has already humbled me beyond words. Flowers became a huge part of my life this year, so I chose a background to represent that fact.


I love beautiful things. What girl doesn’t? This page represents LiWBF’s first official collaborations with up and coming women’s fashion company the Dressin Group and a super cool new website/brand called Since all of my collaborators in this project live overseas, I chose a background to represent the multicultural nature of this part of 2015.


I’m excited to talk about these next two pages because not only does it represent a full year of me consistently blogging about fashion, fitness, scrapbooking, DIY projects and motivational methods of coping with life, but it also signifies the start of fresh new segments on LiWBF. I’ve been told we need more segments about male fashion.


We’re also moving towards a more hip, street style look that any age can pull off. Live Well… Be Fabulous is about creating a lifestyle, not a designer wardrobe (although we do love our fabulously chic Franco Sarto handbags). It’s about finding the strength and faith to move beyond the barriers holding you back from enjoying your dreams.

Bring on 2016! And nope, resolutions aren’t in next year’s plan, either! LOL

Happy New Year!