Super Cute DIY Glass Heart Vase Bouquet

Valentine’s day is almost here! Can  you believe that? So this weekend I came up with this DIY Glass Heart Vase  to help you celebrate. The first Super Cute post of 2016! One of LiWBF’s most beloved series is back by popular demand! Oh yeah. This weekend I tackled my one and only Valentine’s Day craft post.


1. Gather Your Materials
I found all the items for this tutorial at the local dollar store. For this project, I wanted pink. Lots of it. I don’t know what’s going on, but ever since the Pantone gurus announced the  2016 colors of the year, then my pink obsession has catapulted to new levels. Make sure your accent flower either has none of your main color or traces of the main color in the design. For example, I chose the Dahlia as my accent plant. These gorgeous flowers always  remind me of my grandmother. Go ahead and remove all stickers, tags, etc. from the stems of the plants. If you’re using real flowers then you can skip this step.


2. Assemble the Vase.
I found this gorgeous hot pink vase at the craft store and right away, I knew it was going to get a super makeover. I found these fun heart stickers at the dollar store. They’re perfect for scrapbooking too. I chose to decorate two sides of the pink vase with stickers. Give them character by staggering their spots on the vase and turning them sideways. Next, I filled the vase with glass heart beads. Stop adding beads at the halfway mark. This gives your stems enough room to be moved into place.




3. Create the Vase Accents
Decide on the color/plant scheme of your bouquet and set the plants aside for now. Add a mixture of pink and red hearts inside the vase. However, you’ll need to make sure you leave plenty of room for the stem of the plants. Set the vase down on the pink felt heart.


4.  Assemble the bouquet
Add your focal point plant first. As stated before, the dahlia was my choice. I tend to go for non traditional plants when designing holiday-themed bouquets. Situate the focal plant so that it sits higher than the others.


Add support plants next. The color of the support plant should blend in with the focal plant. The pink roses highlight the pink trim on my dinner plate Dahlia’s petals. Make sure you have enough plants to surround your focal point plant.


Add accent plants and decorum. I was lucky enough to snag a few of these felt tip heart roses that come with baby’s breath already attached to them. What would a Valentine’s Day design be without the feminine allure of baby’s breath? Make sure the accent plants are  your support plants and that they are situated below the other ones.


5. Put the items all together.
Set the bouquet on top the felt heart. Add props. In my case, I’ve chosen two little Valentine’s cuties to add some character to the design, but you can feel free to go with whatever sets your heart a flutter. Add decorative elements such as the glass bead hearts which serves to link all the elements together creating a cohesive design.

 Super-Cute-DIY-Heart-Vase-Bouquet-Seven-LiWBF6. Enjoy your Design!

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