A Fashion Story… Chillin’ Wit My Homies

First, I’d like to say that this post almost didn’t happen. The sunlight ran out (thank goodness spring is almost here), my equipment wouldn’t behave. My love for fashion was put to the test. Yet somehow, my fearless photographer and I managed to produce some of my best poses in this week’s segment of A Fashion Story. If you’re a fashion blogger then you know how external factors can affect your photo shoot. At the same time, the challenges make this venture somewhat fun as well. I mean, there’s a certain type of passive satisfaction in finding a way to look great while presenting fabulous deals to your readers.

The photos in this shoot wound up being taken with my trust buddy iPad mini. My Galaxy Note 4 (yes, this bad boy rivals most DSLRs) was down and out for the count. Not because of anything bad or glitchy or technical related, but because the battery had burned out. I wouldn’t recommend relying solely on fast chargers, BTW. That advice rings true for any phone. Yes, they’re convenient for those of us who must have everything take place in lightning fast speed mode, but they significantly shorten the life of your phone’s battery. Sigh.

Through all the frustrations, I discovered how much I truly love this crazy job of fashion blogging. Trials of life tend to help us discover these hidden abilities within ourselves. The poncho I’m wearing is by XOXO,and when I tell you that it’s super versatile, I mean what I say. This gorgeous baby can be dressed up or down and can go just as easily with all black as seen in the following photos as it does with jeans and a tee-shirt. You can expect to see this baby in future #ootds.


What I’m wearing:

Women’s Open Poncho Sweater Target.com

Women’s Apt 9 V-Neck Tunic Sweater $12.99 Kohls.com