His Streetwise Style… Shaken Not Stirred

How to Work Out Your Brand New Street Groove Without Breaking a Sweat

Welcome to Live Well… Be Fabulous’s first edition of a new series geared toward the refreshingly fun street style found among today’s outrageously stylish young men.

Like the birth of spring, men’s style creates a well-defined blossom, a refreshing fragrance that reminds us of a new season’s potentials. Images of carefully refined edges that shape our bodies more artistically, and most importantly, the properly laid-back attitude that turns our attire unintentionally upscale, either in a roomy silhouette or the utmost fitting. One can say the same thing about men’s street style. The flavor of 2016 creates a style that’s shaken, not stirred.


Entering 2016, you’ve got to know the tricks and gist that would actually make your street style pop with your desired output and effect that perfectly shows off your figure-of-impression, as well as the best essence from both the latest and earlier fashion season’s blessings. Well, some things are never off the stage of style, and when we talk about street attitude, the sufficient knowledge about the style that fits you and the possible combinations that might end up working magic on you is what you’re always going to be looking for. Today’s fashion trends make any season the best one to go bolder and brighter.

We’ve seen the hunter complex from Balmain, loose-spirited Giorgio Armani that smartly transforms the soft plaids into suits of comfort, not to mention the enticing usage of various shades of grey. While we’ve got so much to choose from, you can’t just put on an entire collection and walk out on the street. This is why we’re here today, to discover some of the best street trends that you can refer to, so you can get the most out of your favorite piece right from your wardrobe.

#1.  The Hip-Hop sporty over-sized jacket with 90’s vibe

His-Streetwise-Style-The-Call-of-Spring-Seven-LiWBFThere’s a fact that’s easy for us to ignore when it comes to grooved chic, that we all have the inner boldness to elevate the style, to bring it out in the best way we can. The ideal solution to that issue? An over-sized jacket paired with all-out sporty pieces such as a pair of classic white sneakers or a puffer coat doubled underneath your outer coat. And hey, don’t forget about a nice pair of joggers pants.

#2. Time to make it sincerely yours – Custom-made shirts with personalized prints

His-Streetwise-Style-The-Call-of-Spring-One-LiWBFIf you’re thinking about “shirts on a budget”, then you’re taking it wrong. A custom-printed sweatshirt or tee-shirt requires the wearer to know everything about his style of shirt, from the pattern that he wants to go for to the style and color. You don’t need to be a designer to have what it takes to pull out a tailored shirt or even rock the tie-dye trend. Depending on the overall style you’re going for, this look can be as easy and simple as a grey crew neck tucked into a pair of boyfriend jeans/shorts with black boots and a plaid shirt. Now you’re getting there!

#3. The new urban casual professional where things get artsy



His-Streetwise-Style-The-Call-of-Spring-Five-LiWBFThe power of hybrid coolness is always going to stay strong in the omnipresent stage of street fashion. The point here is to achieve the right proportion of rebelliousness when paired together with the conventional all-in-one blazer-n-suit pants outfit or dressy plaid shirt. Create your own sense of style with the help of a pair of distressed, dark-toned jeans that keep your look together, while leaving the rest untouched. Oh yeah, and this outfit easily converts to casual gear for an evening out with the guys after work.

#4. A colorful experiment


His-Streetwise-Style-The-Call-of-Spring-Eleven-LiWBFYou’ve been told by others that you should never put on your favorite fedora with something too flashy and flowery. But in reality, you can get the full potential of your beloved fedora when you choose the role of daredevil, a fashionable soldier who’s not afraid of exploring the new dimensions of colors and hues. It’s about time to say goodbye to fall and give spring a warm hug. I cannot wait! Things are about to get a lot brighter and brilliant with the help of your warm-colored pieces such as a juicy blazer, a colorful jacket, or even just a comfy pair of colorful socks.

So go ahead. Let your inner street style shine this season!

The article His Street-Wise Style first appeared on Live Well… Be Fabulous on 2/19/16 by Guest Contributor: Big Blob Small Dew.