The Life Survival Checklist April, 2016

LifeSurvivalCheclistApril2016Before I allow April to head into the archives of months long forgotten, I’ve decided to go ahead and give you a recap of things going on here at LiWBF at this moment. I cannot believe it’s already time for another life survival checklist.

While April wasn’t a particularly groundbreaking month, it was one that brought new alliances and lots of new friends my way. I also made the first steps in a new business venture. I’ll write more about that exciting news in the list following this paragraph.

Here we go:

1. Reading – Shonda Rhimes’s the Year of Yes and… LOVING IT!!! As a writer and aspiring screenwriter, I find her talent and enthusiasm for the craft highly infectious. I was super surprised to find out that Shonda and I are practically twin souls. We both have this super introverted gene that we have to use drastic measures to overcome. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a creative people thing? What do you think? Next on the list? I’m finally going to start reading the Game of Thrones series. I purposefully waited until the show ran out of books to adapt and I’m glad I did. I’m ready to tackle the thousands of characters I’m going to meet along the way in this epic journey.

2. Writing – Still working on the last installment of the Lost Immortals Saga, even though we’ve decided to move the deadline out to the end of the year… December 6th to be exact. This date marks the 5th anniversary of the first book’s release. The reason for this decision is to give me time to work on another book project that folks have waited for, a romance that I’m writing under a pseudonym. More info on that series will follow soon. Stay tuned.


3. LOVING – the way my rose garden and flower bed looks. The bushes are full, the perennials are happy. And don’t even get me started on the peonies! They have the biggest (and heaviest) flower heads I’ve seen since I planted the bushes eight years ago. Some serious green thumb love is happening at my house now.

4. Wearing a light blue denim mini skirt I bought from last year and a cropped peachy colored tee-shirt by American Rag. The most comfiest sit around and work on your blog outfit ever! lol

5. Enjoying – the sights and sounds of mid Spring. The flowers are blooming. The scent of roses and peonies greet me each time I walk up to my stairs. Sometimes life is about enjoying the simple things in life. Or maybe not so simple when you consider how hard it is to grow and nurture a rose garden.

6. Preparing for the launch of LiWBF’s first subscription box service over at! If you love the Super Cute series then this crate will be for you. Wouldn’t you just love having your own silk flowers and scrapbook paper and super cute stuffed animal to make along with the tutorial? Well… that’s exactly what we’re cooking up.’s launch takes place on 5/14/16 which gives us plenty of time to finish tweaking the site’s layout.

7. Watching – Game of Thrones Season 6 or course! What else? Without being too spoilery for those of you who might not have started yet, I’ll just say that this season has finally convinced me that the time to read the novels has come. We also finally watched the Revenant and boy, did it impress my family big time! Good good stuff.


8. Excited about too many things to list in this post. LoL However, the one thing that stands out among the muddle of good things rolling around my head is the co-host slot I’ll be leading with Michelle Orsi over at The topic will be spring denim trends and I now have 2 outfits to choose from. Now, that’s super exciting! 😀

9. Mad about – Hackers!!! ‘Nuff said.

10. Crushing on – the Instagram pages of all my new bloggerly friends. There are just not enough hours in the day for me to be able to get to every one of my talented fashionable and creative friends. I’m also crushing on Viktor Hanacek’s duotone photo pack he sent out this month. His superb photography has set the tone for Live Well… Be Fabulous’s photo style and you should totally check out his work and blog on!

That’s All Folks!

What are you up to this month?

Image Credits: ViktorHancek