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Yes! I think it’s time to step up my outfit posting game. Or at least to increase the frequency of the posts. You know what that means, right? A new series! Or rather, it’ll be new to me anyway. The Instagram-Infamous #OOTD has been around forever. However, since LiWBF is a lifestyle-centered blog I’ve only been posting one fashion post a week. However, I’ve listened to you all. You want more! And I’m so very flattered. I feel super blessed to be able to do what I love among a sea of so many talented and beautiful bloggers.

The #OOTD posts will focus on my casual style, those outfits I wear when I haven’t staged an on location shoot. I hope you find them just as inspiring to read/view/enjoy as the Fashion Story and Fashion File segments, two of LiWBF’s story-based fashion series.

Today’s #OOTD features a comfy little romper I wore while shopping for part two of the outfit I plan to wear to my son’s graduation on June 9th. As you probably know from experience, the art of picking out/wearing the right romper can be pretty darn tricky. I was happy to find this wasn’t the kind that was going to make my life miserable… As in wedge city while shopping to be more precise. LOL Also the fabric appears to be made of denim. Look closer and you’ll see it’s actually made of chambray, which is a linen finished gingham cloth with a white weft that gives the fabric a lightweight denim look. The debate over whether chambray versus denim has been an ongoing one for a long time. No matter. I love the way chambray fabric feels against my skin. It’s soft and flows better than denim which makes for the perfect romper.


The shoes are a pair of vintage heels I bought over a decade ago. I don’t even think the brand Statutes is still around. Yet the design of this pair is timeless and they go well with many of my outfits. Just goes to show you that the right pair of lovelies will never go out of style. And this pair provided just the right amount of bling that was necessary to keep this outfit fun and fabulous. There’s just one thing that to be notated here. Chambray material stains very easily. A few drops of water splashed against the front and it took a long time for the fabric to dry out. You should probably avoid baby oil too. Consider yourself warned.


The Guess handbag paired together with the jewelry, a silver bangle set from Charlotte Russe, adds a bit of elegant interest to what could’ve turned out to be a simple outfit (aka forgettable) if I wouldn’t have used the right accessories. The standout blue nail polish is called Hydra Electric by Sally Hansen. You can find this shade in the Miracle Gel Nail section of Target.

I found myself stuck between choosing my signature top knot and leaving my hair loose. Well, the cute, but sexy look of the top knot doesn’t hold as much punch as it did a few years back. So I let my hair down and enjoyed all the fabulous compliments I received while shopping and finishing up this shoot. 😀

Oh yeah. I found the perfect graduation outfit for next week’s ceremony too! Stay tuned for pictures.

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