A Fashion Story Pink Is My Power Color

Yeah, I know. I’ve been ghost for a while now. However, my absence wasn’t because I was sitting on the sidelines watching life pass by. Nope! I’ll have you know that I’ve been busily working away on several of LiWBF’s new business ventures. TheArtsyCraftGirl.com has launched! WOOT!!! That’s one of many reasons why I’m wearing a huge grin on my face in this pic!
In case you hadn’t heard me blabbing about this new venture, I’ll briefly fill you in. The Artsy Craft Girl is an extension of LiWBF, our first shop. We’ll be selling bouquets, offering subscription box services (a crafty artisan style box and a flower crate) and selling vintage clothing through our new apparel venture StraightUp Eve. WooHoo!!! Exciting,  right? I’m still working on mastering the art of time management, but I do find I’m able to get more things checked off my to-do list these days.
I’m also grinning because my youngest son graduated from high school. Here’s a couple of pictures of me and all my boys! Aren’t they handsome? You probably recognize a couple of them from His Streetwise Style. **Big huge, proud mama/auntie grin** A-Fashion-Story-Pink-Is-My-Power-Color-GradTwo-LiWBF
A-Fashion-Story-Pink-Is-My-Power-Color-GradOne-LiWBFSadly, I didn’t get any other pictures of the outfit I wore that day. The sun was in our faces and the parking lot was super crowded. However, I will tell you that the skirt is one of the many bodycon gems I’ve collected from Charlotte Russe and the top is a Forever21 goodie. Which brings me back around to the title of this fashion story… Pink is My Power Color.

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One thing that all my websites, outfits, business ventures, etc. has in common is the usage of the color pink in some way. You know from visiting LiWBF on a regular basis that pink is most definitely a well-loved shade here. LoL Yet, I found that my power color worked its way into theArtsyCraftGirl.com and both of the subscription boxes we’ve designed. I think my obsession with pink started in high school.

I’m  pretty sure it did sometime right after I purchased a pink dress from a thrift shop, a vintage gem that looked like something Molly Ringwald would’ve worn in Sixteen Candles. I’ve been in love with the color of femininity ever since that day.

The star of this week’s chosen outfit was a dress I found in Charlotte Russe earlier this spring and a pair of super cool sunnies. However, I couldn’t wear the dress just yet because I was still trying to lose a few more pounds. After two months of Cizing it up with Shaun T’s Beachbody exercise program and eating the right foods, the pounds melted away. When life chooses to throw you a few good curve balls then jump up and catch them, right away! And wear a color that makes you feel powerful while doing so.
What colors do you wear to make you feel powerful?
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