Crush Craves Beachy Little Things

Crush-Craves-Beachy-Little-Things-Pinterest-LiWBFThat’s right! It’s time for us to talk about those things we’ve eyeballed and craved over the past few weeks. And for me, that means talking about the beachy little things I’ve seen at some of my favorite hangouts. This segment of Crush Craves takes us on a walk through a bag. Say what? Has she lost her mind? What does she mean by taking a walk through a bag? I’m talking about the ideal beach bag, or rather, I’m going to talk about what should be in that bag anyway. I’ve collected a few in this group for you to check out. Since I’m on a colorful roll these days, all of them show off colorful designs and gorgeous patterns.

Now, we’ve got the bag down. time to move on to the next part of this venture. How many times have you gotten all excited about the beach and then the big day comes and not only have you procrastinated and waited until the last-minute to pack your bag, but you also forgot to pick up half the items you need. I mean, some of my girlfriends are just true beach bummettes. They can throw a look together with minimal effort, rock the coolest beach bag and have a swimsuit to die for all in one go.
We meet up for the big trip, and I’m all nervous because I’ve spent the entire night stressing over what I probably forgot and don’t even mention the airport style bag I used. Okay girl, get with the program, right? Meanwhile, my friend looks as though she stepped off the pages of an Essence magazine or the latest Free People beach spread. Does this scene sound familiar? Which girl are you? The Essence pin-up model? Or the girl who uses her business travel gear for a beach trip? LOL Think about your answer and then decide which one of these coverups best fits your beachy goals. Since my style would best be described as whimsical, hip, and sexy I’d go for that maxi style Shoptiques cover up any day! 😀

Finally, we’re about ready to hit the road. The perfect bag sits beside your bed and you’ve found a coverup to rival Anna Wintour! Here comes the part that’s kinda tough for me…making sure I don’t forget any of my goodies. That’s the worst feeling, right? That moment when you step on the sand and realize you’ve forgotten (insert whatever thing you need most here).


Don’t worry. Fortunately, I’ve put together a collage of items to help turn anyone into a beach diva!

1. Beach Umbrella – So many choices… so very little beach time! 😀
2. Monogrammed Cover Ups – All decked out in pink and this cutie has great ratings
3. Super Cute Sunnies – The ultimate, ultra-cool beach babe sunnies…Oh yeah!
4. Flip Flops – Gotta love the color of these… kinda like an ombre hairstyle
5. Hair Spray
6. Beach Blanket – Yep, it looks just like a giant slice of watermelon! How cool is that?
7. Sunscreen – Super important, especially these days. Use a good one!
8. Lip Balm – Just as important for protecting the sensitive skin of your lips.
9. Super Cute Float – Inspired by the ladies of A Beautiful Mess. I had to tell you about this cutie.
10. Straw Hat – Super stylish and it goes with any coverup
11. Free People Toile Cover Up – Because you know just how much I love FreePeople
12. A Good Book – Yeah, a little Shameless Self Promo Plug. But Venice and the Beach really work well together!
13. Water Bottle – Stay hydrated in style
14. Tote Bag – Don’t forget to peek at the collection up above

15. Cutesy Radio – Just because it’s pink and has excellent ratings! Remember… the beach is for unplugging!

So what did I leave off the list? Sound off in the comments below.


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