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There’s no denying that vintage fashion has made a comeback. I’ve seen oldie but goodie pieces being worn by all my favorite bloggers these days and I’m loving what I see. Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Josephine Baker style outfits have made a comeback and this resurgence totally works for me. The baby boomers are leaving behind treasures from the days of old and on any given buying excursion day (my shop restock days) I might find a vintage Chanel purse or Bill Tice jacket to make any fashionstas heart go aflutter.


The allure of days gone by started for me years and years ago. I’ve always enjoyed getting inside my mom’s closet and discovering the treasures inside her stacks of shoes and jewelry and drawers of clothes. Recently, I opened Straight Up Eve, LiWBF”s clothing boutique and ode to all things both semi-vintage (items 10+ years) and straight up vintage (items 20+ years in age).

Yes, this means that keeping our store fully stocked does take a little more legwork than normal, but the result (aka my customers’ happiness) means so much to me. Recently, Straight Up Eve received its boutique certification which marks the start of a very beautiful relationship with some fab brands who show that whimsically hip and sexy vibe that characterizes the items in our store.
We’re also going to be launching a shop and sell service where we find personalized pieces for you. You know what I’m talking about. Those hard to find pieces that you remember seeing on one of your shopping trips and saying: ‘Oh, I’ll come back for it later’ only to find out that the dress you drooled over and left was taken by someone else. I most certainly have these moments. And they tend to haunt me for years afterwards. Well, guess what? Straight Up Eve has turned finding those pieces into a new service which means you’re in luck. We got your back. LOL


So how does one go about mixing the modern and the vintage without looking like an old school fashion victim? (Is there even such a thing, anyway?) Start with one or two vintage items and go from there. The general rule to consider when wearing vintage items is to limit the oldest items to one group. For example, in this week’s outfit, I’ve chosen a semi-vintage look. The Calvin Klein blouse dates back to 2003. I have several of these blouses which came in style during a time when loose-fitting clothes were just starting to show up on the racks in most department stores and boho was still a bit taboo. The acid washed Rampage jeans date back to around 2010 or so when super skinny jeggings made their first appearance. I’m actually super excited about wearing these jeans because I’ve tried to keep my weight under control and the ability to wear these again marks a milestone of progress for me. Woot!

The shoes by Zigi Soho are only a year old. I found these cuties while I was on a shopping spree with the little sis who turned me on to this brand. The bag, one of my all-time favorite by Kathy Van Zeeland hits its seventh anniversary of living inside my closet this fall and reminds me of the time when the hobo hit the fashion scene. The golden color and snake-skin texture combo makes this bag a desirable staple to wear with any outfit. Finally, the jewelry is by Sophia & Kate, a brand I only recently discovered this past year.


Straigh-Up-Eve-Talk-Modern-Vintage-Vixen-TwoYou can find plenty of pretty blouses like this one and more in StraightUpEve’s closet on Poshmark!

Now you know the tricks to being a modern vintage fashion vixen. It’s time to go out and show the world what you can do!

What do you think of this vintage fashion revival? Sound off in the comments below!

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