Super Easy Gorgeous DIY Halloween Bouquet

super-simple-gorgeous-diy-halloween-bouquet-pinterest-liwbfAh, the beauty of Halloween. There’s no other time of year when we can get away with decorating in as much black as we please. The widespread acceptance of the season of ghosts and ghouls sets my heart to fluttering. There are aisles in my local craft stores dedicated to Halloween. You’ll find tons of dark but gorgeous plants that usually come in delicate colors such as pink, light blue and white.

Today I’m bringing you a super easy tutorial that will give any room in your house a dash of Halloween without going overboard with the essence of the season. How does that sound? Let’s get started!

List of materials:

-3 feet of black ribbon
-black lava rocks
-glass vase
-tall orange/Halloween-based accent plants
-black roses
-black baby’s breath (and yes, you can find these last two items at your local craft store)

You know the drill:

1. Gather your materials. Craft and dollar stores all around the world have put Halloween items on sale. It’s not too late to grab a few leftover black plants such as these super pretty black roses and baby’s breath.

2. Assemble the vase. This step is pretty simple. Add lava rocks and water (optional). if you decide to go with water, make sure you fill the vase until you reach about 1.5″ from the top. Adding liquid is entirely optional. I chose to go without water. The purpose of the lava rocks is to hold your plants in place.

3. Add the focal plants. Be sure and spread them out. In this project, the focal plant is the tall grass-like Halloween decorative piece. I found this beauty at the local dollar store. The black roses and baby’s breath pictured in the next steps came from a craft store.

4. Position the Support Plants. Normally, I suggest using various shades of colors within the same family. In this tutorial, the beauty of a sleek, all black bouquet gives us both style and intrigue, elements of Halloween.

5. Add the highlight plants. Instead of choosing a complementary shade, we’re going to stick with an all-black theme. The focal plants gives us the necessary contrast and the clear vase softens the theme.

6. Wrap two feet of decorative black ribbon around the neck of the vase. I wrapped this one about five times before tying the bow. If you perform this step correctly there’ll be no need for glue or tape. The texture and thickness of the fabric acts as the glue and will stay in place.

Keep in mind that these tutorials are designed to offer guidance and to act as a blueprint for your own creations. You don’t have to follow these steps or choose these same flowers. My job is to turn decorating into a fun and doable part of your lifestyle that brings joy and festivity into the household.

Enjoy Your New Bouquet and have a most fabulous Halloween!

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