How To Make A Fall Bouquet In Six Easy Steps

make-your-own-fall-bouquet-pinterest-liwbfBefore today, I couldn’t recall the last time I wrote a bouquet tutorial. So I’m excited to be back today with the first of many fall & winter creations to come in the next few months. Fall and spring make up my two favorite months. Totally opposite of my friends who adore the beachy lust of summer and the chilly temps of winter.

I especially enjoy playing around and experimenting with the prospect of Halloween projects in all the spooky glory of the season. Kicking off the first of a round of bouquet projects is this week’s fall bouquet tutorial. The flowers I’ve chosen mainly bloom in the late summer.
However, that’s the beauty of choosing silk flowers … We can make them work for every season and occasion and choose whatever color we like to highlight our creation.  And guess what? The blooms will stay frozen in their intriguing beauty until we choose to put the flowers away.

Make A Gorgeous Fall Bouquet 6 Easy Steps from Live Well Be Fabulous on Vimeo.

This week’s bouquet takes the beauty of summer and mixes the essence of the party season with the intrigue of fall’s warm coloring. What’s the end result? An arrangement that commands the attention of every person who enters your home. Let’s get started.

List of Materials:

1. Set of 6 Dahlias (Support)
2. 2 bushels of small flowers (highlight plants)
3. Bushel of 6 Roses (support plant needs to be the same size and color as the Dahlias)
4. Bushel of Marigolds (Focal plant needs to be large and have more flowers than the support plants)
5. Decorative vase (Dollar tree has tons)
6. Cuties – Can be anything you prefer. See step 5 for details.

The Steps:

1. Gather Your Materials. The key for this tutorial is to make sure you pick flowers in the same shade as fall tones.

2. Start with your focal point plant. I chose a flower that looks like a marigold, but I’m not sure. However, the texture, color and size of the blooms are perfect for this project. The focal plant should look gorgeous enough to stand alone in your project as our choice does in the photo below.

3. Add the support plants. Make sure you’ve chosen a flower that has a different texture from your focal plant but has blooms that fall in the same color family.

4.  This project has two focal plants. Walking along the flower aisle at the craft store, I couldn’t resist picking up the set of lovelies in the photo below this paragraph.

The coloring added the perfect touch of coolness to compliment the warmth of our focal plants. The height and length along with the sheer awesomeness of the flower design created the perfect balance for the overall bouquet.

Keep your creations interesting by seeking out plants that not only complement the other one but also adds an element of interest to the overall design.

5. Add the cuties. At first, I wasn’t sure if the little bird I chose was going to work. He’s most definitely showing off the colors of fall but he also blends in a little too well. This turned out to be a good thing. He gives the bouquet an element of mystery. As the observer turns the base, then she’ll be surprised to find our cute little friend hiding among the petals.

6.  Enjoy your New creation!

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