Rocksbox It Girl Adventure Part Three

Unboxing Style

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For this segment of our Rocksbox It Girl Adventure, I wanted to focus on how much fun it is to receive these boxes in the mail each time. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept behind the Rocksbox, I’ll just say you’re in for a treat if you decide to go with this jewelry rental service.

For only $19.99 per month you get a set of jewelry based on selections you’ve made on the main website. A stylist works with you to select pieces of jewelry based on answers to questions about your style. My Rocksbox stylist knocks my jewelry selections out each time. At first, I worried about whether someone else would be able to pinpoint my style. I’ll admit, I have a unique taste in both fashion and accessories. I’d describe my style as Bohemian Gothletic (Goth and athletic). I kept thinking, “What will I do if I hate the jewelry my stylist sends?”

No worries, Blair (the lovely owner) and company know exactly what they’re doing. Each of the three sets I’ve had so far hold their own up against the details and patterns of a boho influenced outfit. Nothing ever feels out-of-place and I hardly ever leave less than a four-star review for my set. If you fall in love with a piece of jewelry and find that you absolutely cannot live without it then simply keep the item for a discounted member’s price. What I love most about this subscription service is that each delivery represents my style. I no longer worry about what to wear for a photo shoot or if I’ll need to sift through my old outdated jewelry to find a suitable item for work. It’s all there in the box.

Rocksbox It Girl Adventure Unboxing Style from Live Well Be Fabulous on Vimeo.

Still not sure if Rocksbox will be a good fit for you? Then have a free month on us by heading over to and using the code livewellbefabulousxoxo at the checkout. Then come back and tell us how much you loved it.

**This post was written in collaboration with Rocksbox. However, all views and opinions expressed in this article are my own based on personal experience**