LiWBF Tunes A Very Merry Fabulous Christmas

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The holidays are in full swing, and I’m here to tell you I’m enjoying them! In spite of some recent personal and family issues, I’ve finally learned to respect and appreciate the true meaning of the season. And that doesn’t only include shopping and gifting.

To celebrate the meaning of the events that took place hundreds of years ago, you must embrace a certain state of mindfulness, a calm in the midst of whatever madness you might be experiencing, a beacon of light at the end of a dark tunnel of heartache.

However you choose to experience the holidays be sure to take some time to think back on where you’ve been in life and the path you’d like to design to move your life forward. Let go of the negative feelings. Embrace the positive. I promise these things will lift you to a level you could only imagine before doing so.

And when you can see yourself clearly for the person you are, the image you left and the enigma you hope to become, then a magical thing happens… The universe opens its arms and embraces you, showering the world with positive light and goodness.

That my friends is the true meaning of the Christmas experience.

The playlist we’ve assigned to this segment of LiWBF Tunes brings you a medley of stars from the past and present to truly immerse you in a wondrously fabulous experience. Be sure and subscribe to our channel on LiWBF Tunes and enjoy the interactive nature of this series.

Enjoy the music and have a beautiful holiday season!


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