Gift Guide for Pets Your Loving Cat & Dog

I bet you thought I’d forgotten all about listing the gift guide for our furry friends, didn’t you? As the owner of both a cat and a dog, I just wouldn’t have felt good about this month’s editorial lineup if we would’ve chosen to go without creating a list for our furry friends.

I separated the lists into two sections… One for your dog and one for your cat. The world of each one of these loving animals is different. Therefore, the gift guides contain items to suit each breed’s needs.

I hope you find the suggestions super useful.

Gift guide for your dog:

Great Choice Dog Bowl



Hip Doggie Heart Collar


Pet Life Ski Parka Dog Coat


Top Paw Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed


Pedigree Doggie Stiks


DIY Paw Print Ornament


Luv A Pet Plush Dog Toy


Dentley’s Raw Hide Stuffed Rolls Dog Treat


Chi Oatmeal Dog Conditioner


Gift guide for your cat:

Bling collar

Whisker City Catnip



Pet Holiday 6-Pack Foil Ball Toy



Sentry Petromalt Cat Hairball Relief



8. Greenies cat treats


Amarkat Cat Tree


And remember the most important gift that you can give your pet is your warm smile and unconditional love!

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