Crush Craves The Velveteen Rabbit And Holiday Party Dress Guide

As a child, I truly enjoyed reading the sad but happy story of the Velveteen Rabbit. The story of the toy rabbit who yearned to become a real animal for the sake of his young owner touched the lives of many kids since its publication in 1922. In the end, the rabbit got his wish and was able to come back as a real rabbit to visit his young owner.

The story inspires me each time I read it. Amazingly, I’ve managed to hold preserve my copy for many years. So when last year’s fashion houses brought out their summer/fall/winter 2016 creations during Fashion Week, I was excited to see the fabric of the Velveteen Rabbit back in the game.

Black Velvet Strappy Swing Dress


By now you’ve seen the latest rage taking over the fashion world … Velvet! That’s right. The fabric of glamour and sexy has taken over the runways and made a comeback. I’ve seen this trend come and go many times, but this season’s offerings has something for everyone and every occasion. There’s a size, shape, color, and length for everyone. Throughout this editorial, we’ll be showcasing some of our favorite ones. And guess what? They are SO totally affordable.

Nude Velvet Plunge Midi Dress


What I love about velvet is the pure, raw sexiness of the fabric. Velvet makes the most common pantsuit look as though the owner paid a million dollars for it. Sure, silk might be the queen of sewing machines and denim rules everything from jackets to shoes these days, but the power of velvet speaks volumes without the need to say any words. That is, if fabric could talk. LoL

Burgundy Velvet Split Front Wide Leg Trousers


I’ve put together a gift/survival/crushin-on-this-velvet outfit guide for you to enjoy and use to get inspired for the all those holiday parties you’ve been invited to attend. I’ve included a few idea pics as well so you can create that knockout outfit you’ve dreamed of all year. We’ve chosen to showcase Missguided for most of this guide because they’re having a killer sale … 50% off everything using the code HOLLA 50. Yeah buddy!


Plus Size Navy Lace Up Velvet Bodycon Dress


I for one cannot wait for my holiday party this year. And with velvet being such a versatile fabric, it’s easy to get caught up in the many ways you can rock this gorgeous trend.

So, I give you this month’s deliciously fabulous crush craves!

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