Gorgeous & Easy DIY Holiday Dove Centerpiece

Over the past few weeks Live Well Be Fabulous showcased gift guides, ways to handle the holidays, and other fun tidbits to help you enjoy the holidays! I hope you’re enjoying the fun. However, I’ve neglected to do the one thing so many of you look forward to seeing from us… Super Cute & Easy Crafts.
No worries. Today we’re taking care of that little issue.


Set of doves
2 lb bag of Cranberry Potpourri
Glass Ornaments

12″+ Decorative Plate
Nutcracker Figurines
Reindeer and Sleigh

1) Choose a lovely round base.

This project takes a bit more organization to pull off than it might seem to need at first. In this first step you want to drop enough potpourri onto your plate as possible. The goal here is to set up the base for your lovely doves.

This is why I’ve also suggested using a 12-14″ plate. The diameter will be large enough to hold more potpourri. For an extra dose of gorgeousness, add a group of 6-8 glass ornaments to the mix.

2) Add the eye candy.

Work your potpourri into a level pile of loveliness. The best way to balance the look is to spread similar elements across the plate. For example, you should try to avoid placing two golden stars too close together.

3) Add the lovelies.

In this third and last step, we’ll be adding the lovely doves. While mine came from a department store, you can always find plenty of gorgeous add one such as these doves at places like Michaels and JoAnn’s. Place the birds at an angle so that they’re facing each other. Doves should work in pairs the same as lovebirds.

4) Add support decor.

I found these cute little nutcracker figurines and fell in love with them. Plus, they were just the right size for this project. The sleigh and reindeer add another dimension to this already joyous setup. The great thing about this project is that the dove altar works well as either a standalone or as part of another project as demonstrated in the photo below.

5) Enjoy your new creation!

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