21 Ways To Shower Your Cat And Dog With Love

I am guilty. My little Yorkiepoo (Kobe as in Bryant) hasn’t been getting as much attention these days as he did when we first became a dynamic duo eight years ago. Plus, he’s not getting any younger. That’s the one thing about being the owner of a furry companion. We know that one day he/she will leave us. That’s why it’s super important to understand both the emotional and financial aspects that go into pet ownership.

I’m fortunate enough to own both a cat and a dog, so this article will cover a total of 21 ways you can enjoy the tine you have with your pet. Doctors around the world agree that owning a pet creates both emotional and physical benefits for both the pet and the owner.

When I come home after a tough day at work or from finishing a long bout of writing at the local coffee shop, then it feels darn good to have my doggie waiting at the door, his little tail eagerly wagging away as he waits for me to scoop him up and offer a treat. That’s why I want him to feel as special as everyone else around me on the day of love. Let’s take a peek at the list of goodies we put together.

Activities for both pets:

1. Go for a walk. The health benefits are tremendous for both your dog and you. Cat owners are taking this step as well I’m hearing, although my cat (Hercules) would be a holy terror if I ever put him on the end of a leash.

2. Play indoor hide and seek. Both cats and dogs and even guinea pigs love this game.

3. Teach your pet a new trick. Cat owners, this one goes for you too. I love to see the expressions on my friends’ faces when our Siamese mixed cat sits on command. The magical secret? Greenies!

4. Cuddle up on the couch and watch your favorite show. Some dog and cat breeds actually like to watch T.V. This is the only time you’ll hear me suggesting the couch potato lifestyle.

5. Star gaze aka veg out and relax. Turn off the telly and listen to music instead. Need some ideas? Then visit LiWBF’s music page on Spotify and be sure to subscribe to our channel.

6. Take a trip to the local pet store. Make sure your cat or dog enjoys these kind of trips. Most pet owners know how exciting it can be to watch your baby get all wide-eyed and slobbery when he’s in the car. Cat owners take note. I’ve only had one cat that enjoyed car rides. However, I  have friends who tell me their cats love to take road trips.

Image Credit Vicktor Hanacek

7. Get a grooming session. Back in the day, finding cat groomers was super duperly hard. Not anymore. Both PetSmart and Petco advertise services for both cats and dogs.

8. Give your pet a good rub down/massage. Both my cat and dog love belly rubs. And yes, the cat rolls on to his back for a tummy rub too. LOL

9. Go visit the house of a friend who has a playmate. But… (take special note here) please make sure the two animals get along or the trip will have the opposite effect on your pet’s well-being.

10. Find a new flavor of treat!

11. Trim those nails!

Image Credit Viktor Hanacek

Doggie Specific

12. Enter a pet show.

13. Catch up on shots. Especially boarding vaccinations. You want to make sure that your pet is happy and healthy when you return from your trip.

14. Clip the hair in between your doggie’s paws. Dogs and cats both have this problem. However, it’s very important to keep up with this step on a dog as they go outside more than the cat and this makes our curious little furry friends vulnerable to infections.

15. Clean inside the ears. Those floppy ears aren’t just for a show of cuteness. A dog’s ears hide mites and other things that can harm your pet’s ability to hear over time.

16. Play outdoor hide and seek. Your dog will heart you dearly.

Image Credit Viktor Hanacek

Kitty Specific

17. Find unique toys made with love. My Siamese mix loves foil. We save tons of money by balling up foil and playing chase with him. So much fun!

18. Sprinkle catnip on everything kitty related. Seriously, the stuff will work wonders for keeping your kitty in his rightful area and in assisting you with setting those much-needed boundaries.

19. Invest in a laser light. Some doggies love this one too, so prepare for a lot of pet adrenaline if you’re lucky enough to have both.

20. Invest in a cat tower that also doubles as a scratching post.

21. Purchase a litter box house. This one should go without saying, but your pet will truly appreciate your attention to this matter and so will your visitors.

This list could go on. However, our pets should most definitely be included during our festivities of love and any other time of the year. Be sure and let us know if you have any other suggestions.

**The article 21 Ways to Shower Your Cat And Dog With Love first appeared on Live Well…Be Fabulous on February 1st, 2017.**