A Fashion Story Rocking Casual Glam

I’m excited about today’s post. Not only am I wearing a super cool, cropped sweatshirt from Romwe and a statement necklace from Perry Street, but I’m also showcasing my first outfit Vlog. Wait! Hold up. Stop. Did she just fess up to wearing a statement necklace and sweatshirt together? Yep! That’s right.

I don’t want to lead into this article by saying this is a “trend” you can rock. Why? Well, because even though this style rules the runways, the concept of mixing fancy with street casual has been around for a long time. I’ve always paired these two styles together since I can remember. And I’ve been in this fashion game a super duperly long time.

So when Romwe contacted me for this collaboration, I immediately knew which item I wanted to work with for the photo shoot.

Styling this sweatshirt was a lot more work than it might appear to be in this picture. I tried a couple of pieces and colors that just didn’t work with the style. Originally, I chose this sweatshirt so I could pair it with a ballet leggings style bodysuit I recently purchased for yoga class.

However a magical thing happened while preparing for this shoot. I received some hipster statement jewelry from Rocksbox. Game on! The result? A mixture of hipster and glam that anyone can pull off. Anna Wintour be proud. The outfit was perfect for exploring the Eno.

A Fashion Story Rocking Casual Glam from Live Well Be Fabulous on Vimeo.

Have you ever heard of the Eno Park in Durham, North Carolina? If so, then you’re probably familiar with the way history mingles with modern in this magical place. Almost as soon as you step foot on the ground and the snap and crunch of the twigs under your feet meet your ears a vibe of something rumbles through your body and reminds you of the history echoing throughout the place. This casual glam outfit was perfect for taking a walk through history.



Shop the Look:

  1. Romwe Army Green Ladder Cut Out Sleeve Raw Hem Sweatshirt $15.99
  2. Mid-Rise Five Pocket Legging $69 (Similar)
  3. Free People Mad About You Lace Camisole $98 (Similar)
  4. Prada Suede Ankle Wedge Boot $200 (Similar)

If you’d like to rock this look then keep these tips in mind:

1) Make sure your statement jewelry has some element that fits the overall theme of your outfit. The burnished gold in this necklace works perfectly with the army green of the sweatshirt and the gray jeggings I’m wearing.

2) Minimalize the color scheme in the jewelry. OK so giant synthetic rubies and heart-shaped stones might go well with your Valentine’s Day outfit, but there comes a point when statement jewelry runs the risk of turning you into a fashion victim. Stick to Neutrals in your statement jewelry. However, that’s my humble opinion. Which leads me to the last tip.

3) Have fun! Don’t try something for the sake of wanting to look hip in a new trend. Modify trends to fit your style and guess what will happen when you do? Years later, you’ll have established something fresh in the eyes of the folks around you. At once that trend becomes the staple that defines your style.

What do you think about statement jewelry?