Super Gorgeous Rose Petal Soap Bouquet in

5 Easy Steps

The day has come and gone. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. I let it slip by without creating a new tutorial! What in the world was I thinking? However, just because Valentine’s Day has vanished in the winds of 2017 doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the result of this super cute tutorial. I thought I’d give you a simple one that can be done in less than five minutes and enjoyed well after the day of love passes.

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Now on to our tutorial. For this bouquet arrangement, you’ll need:
A glass vase or plain glass
Heart stickers
Rose soap petals
A heart-shaped glass vase
Fancy mat (I’m using a mat from an earlier project)
Colored stones
3 small bouquets of red and white roses or
12 Separate flowers
1. Prepare Your Vase. Take the small clear glass and stick the red hearts all around the outside. Fill the vase with colored stone. Stop adding rocks at the halfway point. You’ll add the rest after we arrange all the plants.
 2. For this tutorial, I chose to use red velvet roses, silky red roses, and white dahlias trimmed in pink. The white dahlias are the highlight/focal plants of this petite bouquet. Since this arrangement is so small you don’t have to add the flowers in any set order. Just make sure the dahlias (or any white plant of your choice) sits in the middle of the red flowers.
3. Add the frillies. I recycled parts from an old bouquet tutorial. But you can find these little hearts on a stick in any craft store. Voila! The bouquet and vase are finished. Let’s move on to the last step.
4. Add the Scented Petals. In this project, I chose rose-scented soap petals that I found for a steal at the local dollar store. However, you can find these scented petals at any bath and body store. Or you can make your own using supplies from Etsy sellers. Either way, you should remember to have fun.
5. Enjoy your new bouquet!

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