OOTD The Simple Complexity of Street Style

I walked into Urban Outfitters last weekend and was able to find the fashionable mother of temptations…the Peplum tee. Not only did the UO have this gorgeous, rust-colored tee that I’m wearing in this week’s segment, but they also had a ton of other pretty colors.

Now, I know that some of my fashionable friends won’t share this enthusiasm with me. I lean toward the whimsical, hip, and sexy side of style more so than the glamorous and trendy. And that’s fine. We all have our stylish likes, dislikes, and fetishes. Guess what? It doesn’t matter if you prefer tees over the cold shoulder. The world won’t stop turning if you prefer dress pants over leggings. These simple differences in tastes among fashion lovers around the world is what makes the idea of fashion so very complex and intriguing.

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In a perfect world (something writers like to call utopia) everyone would wear crisp white suits, buns, and crew cuts. Thank goodness we live in a world of diversity, right? This mini story brings me to this week’s OOTD. Now that you’ve read the first few paragraphs, you’ve probably figured out how I came up with the title. The thermostat read 77 degrees here in North Carolina today, and I totally enjoyed every minute of this unusual weather.

It was the perfect day to pull out my custom-made, ripped jeans from Express and the super cute peplum tee I bought for a steal at Urban Outfitters. How about that necklace? Yet another Perry Street statement gem that rocks the house. This one is called Alessandra, the perfect name for such a stunning piece. What do you think of it? I hope you like it because this baby’s going to be the star of many more OOTD posts.

Yep! I’m also wearing flip-flops. Since Mother Nature was in another one of her strange moods this weekend, I was able to enjoy the comfort of this casual glam outfit. I didn’t expect the wind to be so strong. Getting my shirt to stay in place was tricky and the wind blowing through my hair wasn’t as glamorous as the pictures we captured. Folks on Instagram loved the end results, though. So, I’m happy. I hope you have a super duperly fabulous week.

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