The Mediterranean Muse Explores Italy’s Most Charming Villages: First Stop Atrani

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I’m excited about the return of the Mediterranean Muse this year. The authors of this series are folks who either currently live in one of the countries sitting along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea or travel to the region on a regular basis, bringing a true air of authenticity to the series. As some of our regular readers may know, this entire blog showcases my love of the Mediterranean. Rich history vibrates throughout the gorgeous cities of that area and influences the style and daily activities of people who are thousands of miles away. To kickstart our 2017 season, we’ve chosen to focus on a series that highlights twelve of Italy’s most charming villages. Sit back and enjoy your virtual ride.

Sitting just below the chaos and grunge of Naples to the north, Atrani is a completely different change of pace. Atrani is actually one of the smallest communes in Southern Italy. Unfortunately (or, fortunately depending on how you look at it) this place doesn’t get a lot of action; especially in months outside of summer. Neighboring Amalfi is much more popular (only 700 meters away) and therefore, Atrani is a lot more relaxed and slow-paced. Atrani makes the perfect stop for a day at the beach in the summer, or even in autumn and spring, discovering the surrounding ancient ruins of the Roman Empire.

A Bit of Atrani’s Background

Now a quiet tourist town, you would never guess that Atrani was home to the Amalfi Republic’s most wealthy and influential families back in ancient times until the failed reign of Ruggero II and the invasion of the Normandy’s from France. The empire eventually crumbled and lost all of it’s prestige with the final blow from the Pisani invasion in the year 1337.

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Ever since then, it has remained nothing more than a quiet fishing village and a beautiful touristic spot for those of us who are in on the secret beauty of Atrani. While it might not be home to the extreme wealthy these days, the scenery and beauty of the beaches is absolutely prices.

Why You Need to Visit Atrani

First of all: the beach. If you’re looking for a relaxing place to lay out in the sun that’s not overcrowded with people, then Atrani is perfect for you. Just a 30 minute to an hour drive south of Napoli and you have a sense of freedom and tranquility on the beach.

What sets Atrani apart is the beach-lined traditional Italian style architecture that towers over the beach. You get a full 360 degree, panoramic experience when you come here. It’s not just a beautiful beach to look at in front of you, but you also have an ancient town as your backdrop behind you. The beauty of Atrani is unmatched.

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Something even greater about Atrani is that it’s still a sleepy, fishing-style village to this day. That means even at its peak in the summer, you won’t ever feel overwhelmed with other tourists and people. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, there’s no better place than Atrani. Even in the summer there’s not a lot of traffic and noise in the town. Why’s that? The only way to get up the winding hills of the town is through the beach. Atrani makes for a unique and mesmerizing vacation getaway on the Amalfi Coast.

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If you find yourself in Rome this summer or in the south of Italy and are looking for a unique beach experience, look no further than the quiet, sleepy town of Atrani. It’s said that time stops in this town. Discover the secret of Atrani for yourself!